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Violence, Misogyny and the Aftermath

By David Mark Greaves

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has replaced the New York-based FBI team working on the 2014 chokehold death of Eric Garner on Staten Island, where he was selling cigarettes on the street. The New York Times reports that while Lynch “has a reputation for being deferential to prosecutors in the field”, they also note that “she has also heavily relied on the advice of her civil rights prosecutors, who are more removed from the local police departments that they investigate”. More removed from the local “good old boy” network, and the bonding around the darkest impulses, now being paraded in public by former prosecutors Rudolph Giuliani and Chris Christie, and the leader of that pack Donald J. Trump.

The connection between violence and misogyny has been repeatedly and horrifyingly proudly, demonstrated at Trump rallies throughout the country. And now, with the probable elevation of a woman to the presidency, we have to be mindful of a resistance in Congress that will be rooted not just against policies, but in an anger towards women in general, even on the street, mirroring the reaction to the first Black President, Barack Obama.

With a Clinton victory looking evermore certain, but not so much to be complacent, we’ll still have to deal with Trump in the aftermath. One can easily imagine that if he loses by a little, he’ll say it looks like the election was rigged, and if he loses by a landslide, he’s capable of saying that’s proof it was rigged.   Whatever he says, we should all just pretend there’s a state trooper on the political highway, and he’s saying, “Move along. Nothing to see here”.

A woman as leader of “the most powerful nation on earth”, may encourage movement from defining a nation’s strength in the size of its missiles, toward concern for the health and welfare of home and family, people and planet. Bending the arc in that direction will require “encouragement” from a lot organized effort by a lot of organized people. And we cannot forget there is always the danger of the rise of a palatable voiced, photogenic and professionally-groomed inspirer of Trump’s supporters. And by then, we had better have beaten back the real election rigging of voter suppression laws and fairly shape gerrymandered districts, or we will have an even bigger fight on our hands coming up.




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