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View From Here – Trump and Mateen: Birds of a Feather

David Mark Greaves

OrlandoRememberedWebYou cannot but be moved to tears with reports about the last moments and the lives lost in the murderous rampage in Orlando.  This one happened to be at a gay night club instead of a school or street corner.  That the perpetrator was a Muslim and claimed he did it for Islam, does not reflect on Islam or Muslims, just as the slaughter of the native Americans and the enslavement of Africans in the name of Jesus, does not reflect on all white people or the whole of Christianity.

This was the act of a reportedly emotionally –challenged person being manipulated by ideas from people he had never met and enabled by weapons he could walk in and buy.   Assault rifles only belong on the battlefield and handguns should be registered and licensed like a car.

Trump and Mateen: Birds of a Feather

Omar Mateen and Donald Trump, two names tied to the darkest impulses in the human condition. Both of them hate-filled, both angry, both of them striking out, one is the manipulator and one is the follower.  They will not prevail.  The attack by Omar Mateen on the gay night club Pulse night in Orlando, was an attack on the emotional well-being of the nation.  Do we have to now be wary of every venue, every crowd? No we do not.   President Frankly Roosevelt’s pronouncement that “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”, is certainly true now.  Particularly when there is the presumed Republican nominee, the stranger and stranger Donald Trump, calling for fear, and attempting to capitalize on the slaughter in his campaign.  Not only is he relishing that his “prediction” came to pass, he’s quoted in the New York Times speaking of President Obama, saying, ‘“We’re led by a man that either is not tough, not smart, or he’s got something else in mind,” Mr. Trump said, “There is something going on.”’   What is he suggesting?  This is an evil man.  It is difficult to say anything about him that has not already been said.  No words to describe him that have not already been used.    He will continue to appall and coarsen the national discourse, and like being staked out in the sun with eyelids slit open, we’ll have to endure this person until November when he will be washed away.



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