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Uptown style ignites with Brooklyn's bold and beautiful

as Harlem Week Salutes Fashion Week in Borough of Kings
The borough of Kings opened its majestic gates as the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival traveled downtown to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of HARLEM WEEK’s Harlem’s In Vogue fashion extravaganza. The stylish, event, which took place Monday, September 10, 2007, at the Downtown Brooklyn Marriott, was hosted by Fox 5 meteorologist Tracy Humphrey, reality star, Richelle Jones and NBC Reporter, Reg Chapman, featured the 2008 spring collections of designers, Conrad Lamour, Ballare Clothing, Akini Collection and Alex Risimnic Couture. Sponsored by the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce and the Marriott Hotels, this official New York City Fashion Week event also included live performances by Cuba Gooding, Sr. and Three Mo’ Tenor.
In addition to the spectacular display of clothing and accessories, the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival Fashion Showcase also included a special awards presentation honoring the 50th Anniversary of the Ebony Fashion Fair. Other honorees included president & CEO of The Ground Crew, Audrey Smaltz; Brooklyn designer, Brenda Brunson Bay, Jr.; Associate Publisher, EBONY Magazine, Jeff Burns; NY State Senator, Eric Adams; and Harlem-based restaurateur, Melba Wilson. Special guests included New York City Comptroller Bill Thompson and NY State Senator Bill Perkins.
The Harlem Fashion Initiative (HFI) launched in 2002 as the fashion component of the Harlem Jazz & Music Festival, is an expansive movement that strategically elevates the diverse mix of fashion talent and style that is Harlem. In association with the Greater Harlem Chamber of Commerce, HFI provides educational scholarships and mentoring in its efforts to preserve the legacy of Harlem’s fashionable past and stylish future.
With the support of sponsors and both public and elected officials, HARLEM WEEK, Inc. has been a proponent for advancing education. It provides grants to educational organizations, and scholarships to thousands of students who have worked diligently inside the classroom and in the community. The relationship between those parties and HARLEM WEEK has not only garnered higher educational enrollment, but also provides internships and careers for students. At virtually every HARLEM WEEK, Harlem Jazz & Music Festival, and National Black Sports & Entertainment Hall of Fame event, scholarships and grants are presented. HARLEM WEEK also hosts events focused on economic development and on the welfare of Senior Citizens. Perhaps this is why mayors, Governors, Senators, Members of Congress, foreign leaders, and other inspirational figures, have traveled uptown to address HARLEM WEEK audiences over the years.
HARLEM WEEK invites you to come discover the treasures of a proud community. Discover Harlem. For further information about the excitement and culture that is HARLEM WEEK, log on to www.HarlemDiscover.com

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