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Twenty Medford, MA High School students and the NAACP Mystic Valley Branch are the collective face of a powerful message of a 30-second PSA going viral on the Internet, titled “Statistics.”

NAACP "Statistic" press release
The black & white commercial is designed to increase self-confidence in young African-American men while dispelling some preconceived opinions that exist in the general public. The statistics presented in the PSA track positive numbers related to these young men and others across the nation. They were obtained from sources such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Department of Education, among others.  
 Behind the Message is a group of advertising professionals, including Jack Goldrick, head of McGoldrick Marketing, and Valerie Graves, an industry pioneer. “When co-writer Graves received the news from McGoldrick that the Mystic Valley Chapter of the NAACP would be producing the concept they had created several years ago, it was a special moment even for a veteran creative director like Graves.  “Advertising is full of disappointments,” Ms. Graves told Our Time Press. “I had accepted that NOT having ‘Statistic’ produced would be one of my biggest. Jack never did, and because of him, an important message has been given new life.”   Our Time Press kicks off its salute to women thought leaders on March 5 with Ms. Graves in a Q&A with the publisher. You can view the PSA at http://youtu.be/HgVNsCLd8iY.  And smile.

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