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Battle for Brooklyn

By Eddie Castro Yankees/Red Sox, Duke/North Carolina, Michigan/Ohio State and Lakers/Celtics. Those are some of the few notable rivalries in their respective sports that is a hot ticket to get and if you can’t get one, you better be glued to the television. It’s kind of how the football rivalry is between two Brooklyn high […]readmore

Sports: Captain 3000

Brooklynites as well as the City of New York, were all witness to “history in the making” last Saturday afternoon. Going into Saturday’s matinee game against the Tampa Bay Rays, Jeter was 2 hits shy of 3000. In the first inning, Jeter hit a line drive past the third base line. In the third inning […]readmore

Sports: Showdown in the Bronx

The New York Yankees are sitting atop the AL East with a record of 20-13. However, it is not the rival Red Sox, nor the young Baltimore Orioles, but the Tampa Bay Rays that are breathing down the neck of the Yankees with a record of 20-15. The Rays lost key players such as Carlos […]readmore

SPORTS: New York Anyone?

Major League Baseball’s winter meetings have begun and already some miniature moves have been made. It is obvious that both the Yankees and Mets are looking to attract star players to come to the Big Apple. The Mets, coming off yet another down year, have brought in a new General Manager in Sandy Alderson, and […]readmore