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WBAI’s First Week Back Reveals Need for Advocacy and Vigilant

by Maitefa Angaza In the week since WBAI 99.5FM returned to the air, relieved loyal fans (New York fans) and those across the tri-state area have been repeatedly warned that the battle is not yet over. Judge Melissa Crane of the Manhattan Supreme Court ruled in favor of the station, ordering its Pacifica Foundation parent […]readmore

HAMPTON W. ROOKARD, Freedom Fighter and an Original Man

Hampton Woodward Rookard, the son of Ruth Woodward and Walter Rookard, was born January 29, 1929 in Rembert, South Carolina. Hampton migrated to the North with his mother and his sister Margaret. Their first stop was Harlem, then Brownsville, followed by Williamsburg before finally settling in Bedford-Stuyvesant. His early influences towards education and reading were […]readmore