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Black children can bring a backpack full of fear and

By Michael A. Johnson A Brooklyn, NY white woman dubbed “Cornerstore Caroline” calls the police on a Black child she falsely accused of sexually assaulting her. When, in fact, according to the store’s surveillance video, his backpack, unbeknownst to the child, “accidentally” brushed up against her. The boy is traumatized and confused, he begins to […]readmore

Education of Our Children Is Moving Front & Center In

Due to the pioneering efforts of such scholars as Dr. Andrea Taylor (left), interest in the fields of technology and science by young women is picking up steam.  DivaSteam, that is.  Dr. Taylor is the volunteer director of the divaSTEAM robotics program located at the Magnolia Tree Earth Center of Bedford-Stuyvesant.  A lifelong life-long resident […]readmore

Much Parent Education Work To Be Done Re: Myth Of

By: S.E. Anderson Ed Activist Folks, Just a note to say that I attended our little counter charter school rally this morning. By “our” I mean the Coalition for Public Education. It appeared that no other progressive education activist group was in attendance to point out the fact that by law, charter schools are supposed […]readmore

City’s Commitment To Vocational Schools Questioned

Reorganization of Maxwell could spell end of cosmetology program — If Brooklyn students want to take up a trade such as cosmetology, medical assisting or fashion, William H. Maxwell High School in East New York was historically the school to attend, but with the city now slating to close or drastically change the vocational school […]readmore