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The Most Racially Progressive any NYC Teacher can be is

  By Michael A. Johnson As a principal, I’ve met teachers I wouldn’t want anywhere near my kids, and then there were many great and wonderful teachers who I’d hire 100 times over, regardless of that teacher’s race or nationality. Black students can’t wait for America to get its “racial act” together; they need a […]readmore

Recording the Legacy of a Community Activist Mother

By Fern Gillespie Photos: Barry L. Mason For over 20 years, Bernice Green traveled around the US and Europe as the first Black publicist at CBS Entertainment and News promoting stories of fiction and fact. During her tenure as the network’s senior publicist from the 1970s through the 1990s, Green was a go-to for crisis […]readmore

Reporters & Bloggers Wanted

Our Time Press, a 20-year-old, award-winning newspaper in Brooklyn, is looking for reporting talent for both print and web.   If you have a journalism background and an itch to report on national, state and local issues you see affecting our neighborhoods as well as local events and recognition of local heroes, then you are […]readmore

Police Beat: Murder, Rape up in Central Brooklyn Felony crime

Murder, Rape up in Central Brooklyn Felony crime on course to rise more than 10 percent in 2010 The two most violent crimes – murder and rape – are up sharply in the Central Brooklyn neighborhoods of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill. So far this year there have been 56 reported murders […]readmore


I turned from my bar stool and saw my old friend and drinking buddy, Miss Lipstick. “I’m writing a column now for Our Time Press, the oldest black-owned weekly in Brooklyn.” “No kidding. What are you going to write about?” “Well, I had planned on being real hard-hitting and provocative but a few friends have […]readmore

NY Post Abuses Child in an Attempt to Smear School

Last week, the New York Post published two articles and two editorials about a child who had complaints about the school she attended, Paul Robeson High School. The Post quoted 15-year-old Alisha Strawder as saying if she “could burn down this school and get away with it,” she would. Alisha readily admitted she hardly goes […]readmore