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View From Here: Pop Culture President

With the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Florida and Texas, a nuclear North Korea, the eternal war in Afghanistan, Russian interference in the elections and the repeated failures on legislation and in the courts, our Pop Culture President and his rallying rabble of Alabama yahoos had a good time whoopin’ and hollarin’ […]readmore

Never Forget

Reprinted from February 2, 2012 It is acknowledged that legacies and attitudes toward life are carried on through families and down through the generations. And those persons now in their eighties and nineties can tell stories that their parents and grandparents told them about the lynchings and the terror and the days after slavery. The […]readmore

View From Here: We Must Beat Back the Hate

With the rise of President-Elect Donald Trump and the pride in the openness of hate that he inspires, the attacking of women with hajibs, hanging a noose on a tree in Ft. Greene Park this past October along with writing of anti-Semitic graffiti nearby, we thought it a good to remind the readers of the […]readmore