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Herbert Von King Park & Cultural Arts Center Update #2

On the True Saviors of Von King Park — the Largest Greenspace in North Brooklyn Rumor — steeped more in truth than fantasy — abounds around the formation of a Herbert Von King Park Conservancy, modeled after the New York Central Park Conservancy. Some would think: “Oh, the park has come of age.”  Our Time Press feels […]readmore

2010 Project Green – Arbor Day in Herbert Von King

Arbor Day ceremonies in Herbert Von King Park and amphitheater, last Friday, April 30 – emceed by composer/drama teacher Larry Banks, Our Time Press editorial assistant Jessica Lenore Harris, and professional Hip Hop dancer Lavell Franklin (see back page) – featured hundreds of stars – 650+schoolchildren from area schools – celebrating nature, “green,” the environment, […]readmore

The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought…

  Mike Bloomberg’s first thoughts the morning after Mayoral election night might have wavered seamlessly between “ I won!” and “I almost lost!”  A bittersweet victory/defeat for the richest man in New York City, who lives in a world where powerful egos have no patience with almost losing.  He won 557,059 expensive votes to Democrat […]readmore