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Brown and Barkley: Men Behaving Badly

By Maitefa Angaza      Two men are in the news this week, not for their laudable accomplishments, but for their remarks to and/or about women. One was commenting on a debate about the proposed (and postponed) Harriet Tubman $20 bill and the other was giving his opinion about presidential candidates. The public’s responses to […]readmore

Harriet, Dolemite and the Art of Storytelling

Thinker’s Notebook   By Marlon Rice Two particular movies came out over the last two weeks that depict fictionalized stories about a pair of Black folks that were both iconic within their own eras and environment.  I want you to appreciate that first sentence, as it took me half an hour to find the words […]readmore

Kate Clifford Larson on the New Tubman Photo: “Yes! It’s

  Some readers questioned the authenticity of the newly found image of Harriet Tubman scheduled for auction by Swann Galleries on March 30, and displayed in last week’s Our Time Press. Our friend Elizabeth Rankin-Fulcher checked with Kate Clifford Larson, author of the 2004 bestseller BOUND for the PROMISED LAND – HARRIET TUBMAN: Portrait of […]readmore