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Parent's Notebook

MontVerde Academy, Florida held its 100th high school graduation May 18th. Dakari Johnson, my fifth grandchild to graduate high school and 172 other students from 27 other countries speaking 20 different languages received their diplomas and added their choices of colleges totaling 219 for the Academy. This event fueled my vision of creating families, communities […]readmore

Parent's Notebook: Getting to the Root of the Matter

Working to end the violence that’s killing our youth while sending others to die via incarceration is the focus of the Notebook this year.  We have work to do in healing our relationships with self, children, family and each other enabling us to recognize shared goals and increase our ability to forge an environment that […]readmore

The Parents Notebook: Declaring 2013 the Year of Rescuing our

Parents, it’s time to ask ourselves the question – If I can’t ensure that my child is safe from gun violence whether in school, church, restaurants, movies, etc. where should I invest my time and energy. On Sunday, January 6 th in a Clinton Hill restaurant Jason Lewis, 34, father of three children –14, 11 […]readmore