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Thinker’s Notebook: A Bag of Chips in a Cage

Slavery was the main economy of the Antebellum South. Men, women and children were sold like chattel in auction houses filled with overseers and slave owners on a regular basis. In Savannah, the Race Course was the biggest auction block in town. On one occasion, they auctioned off almost 500 slaves in one day. In […]readmore

I Support Omarosa in Solidarity!

Sadly, a lot of Black people are celebrating the fact that Donald Trump, a.k.a. “Number 45”, kicked Omarosa to the curb. Or according to her, she resigned. That’s really “six of one thing, half a dozen of another”. The bottom line is, in Omarosa’s time of need, Black people feel they got the key to […]readmore

Hypocrites Trump & Moore Cannot Make America Great Again!

By Lisa Durden I never really paid the bible-thumping, right-winged, failed Chief Justice Roy Moore any mind until he opened his mouth and out came the most ignorant words in recent American history. In September, 2017, at Moore’s Florence, Alabama rally, this lone black attendee asked him a simple question: when was the last time […]readmore

View From Here

By David Mark Greaves Every time you think President Trump has reached the bottom of his civility he opens a door and reveals several new levels of degradation and venality.  The latest, at least as of this writing, was his reference to Senator Elizabeth Warren as “Pocahontas” at a ceremony honoring the Navajo “Code Talkers” […]readmore

Trump tells pregnant Army widow husband knew ‘what he signed

Tuesday afternoon, the body of Sgt. La David Johnson was returned home to the United States after Johnson was killed in an ambush in Niger. However, for Johnson’s grieving widow, the words of comfort that the President of the United States is expected to offer fell short and instead turned sarcastic. Rep. Frederica Wilson of Florida […]readmore

To Kneel on Sacred Ground …

By Bernice Elizabeth Green Yesterday, fellow members of the New York City Council joined Jumaane Williams, 45th District, gathered in front of City Hall just across from the statue of Nathan Hale to “take a knee” in a show of solidarity with the purpose of denouncing racism, injustice and upholding the American right of freedom […]readmore

View From Here: Pop Culture President

With the hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Florida and Texas, a nuclear North Korea, the eternal war in Afghanistan, Russian interference in the elections and the repeated failures on legislation and in the courts, our Pop Culture President and his rallying rabble of Alabama yahoos had a good time whoopin’ and hollarin’ […]readmore

View From Here: We Will Not Go Back

Every time Mr. Trump opens his mouth, there is a cringe at what he might say and how he might say it. The words come out and he cannot help revealing himself. “I understand things.” “I was a very good student.” His insecurity is clinically observable and well-deserved – he spends his time watching television, […]readmore