Parents and Teachers Express Outrage at Mayor's Choice of Chancellor

Former Hearst Executive Cathie Black, Mayor Bloomberg’s selection as chancellor to run the 1.1 million children New York City school system, has begun her tenure despite the outrage expressed by parents and educators of the process and her lack of any experience or even any obvious prior interest in public education. What’s been called a […]Read More

At Witt's End: Two Moguls Talk Turkey About Diversity and

By Stephen Witt Mike Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch would make great street hustlers.   Especially with the three-card monte game these two media moguls are playing with the Department of Education’s chancellor job. The old “watch the green pea” trick comes after Joel Klein stepped down as chancellor two weeks ago and was replaced by Cathie […]Read More

John Liu takes aim at Bloomberg's DOE Contracts

By Andrew J. Hawkins Much like his predecessor, Comptroller John Liu has focused on contracts with the city’s school system as a way to check Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s wide-ranging power. The war began in early October, with news reports that the Department of Education was blaming the comptroller for delaying contract approval that would allow […]Read More

P.S. 20 Parents Oppose Arts & Letters Expansion

Eliza Ronalds-Hannon, CUNY J-School (Publishers Note: This article first appeared October 28) Tensions ran high at Tuesday night’s crowded District 13 schools meeting, as parents continued to fume over news they got at last week’s P.S. 20 PTA meeting, which featured screaming and an allusion to overcrowded slave ships. Many parents found out last week […]Read More