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Are the Barrons Planning to Switch Seats?

Term limited Councilman Charles Barron was asked by Our Time Press if he is going to switch seats with his wife, two-term Assembly woman Inez Barron.  “I am leaving all my possibilities open,” the councilman said. “I am thinking, if we need, to switch seats. That’s a possibility.” Local political operatives have been talking about […]readmore

At Witt's End:Local City Council Members React to Layoffs and

By Stephen Witt Central Brooklyn readers wondering if their local city council members are on their game could learn a thing or two from their response to the recently proposed layoffs of 10,000 city workers. The proposal came last month from Mayor Bloomberg who wants the layoffs to close a projected $4 billion budget gap […]readmore

Halftime Instructions for the Freedom Party

By Alton Maddox The Freedom Party has to collect 15,000 valid signatures for the gubernatorial candidacy of Councilman Charles Barron with at least 100 “valid” signatures in 15 congressional districts.  The signatures of the Freedom Party are expected to be challenged by another political party because unbridled, political power in the hands of Blacks is […]readmore

Democracy and Diversity Called For in City Council Leadership

“I would bring Democracy to the City Council,” says Councilman Charles Barron, throwing his hat in the ring to replace the current City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and reform the rules of the Council in January 2010. “No one should have the absolute power so that fifty-one members are unable to vote their consciences, their […]readmore

Community Outraged at Proposed NYPD Use of Youth Center

 “This is ludicrous” was the emphatic comment of community activist Salema Davis, speaking about the New York City Police Department takeover of the Arnold and Marie Schwartz Community Center, a 25-year-old East New York PAL Center and the only youth center in the area.  “But because the building needed work, they had to close the […]readmore