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An SOS Call – We Owe Our Children Community

Listening to Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now daily serves as a reminder that I want a better world for my grandchildren and future generations. That requires seeking ways to resurrect innate intelligences of each and every child.  Observing the lack of respect for human life that exists throughout the country, the people, especially parents and extended […]Read More

Extending Family And Community Involvement

by Aminisha Black The extended family has traditionally provided continuity in values, tradition and knowledge.  There was ready access to elders who had traveled the road before.  The statistics on the plight of our youth today demand that we change the way we do things.  We still have elders either by experience or training.  We […]Read More

The Parent’s Notebook: Exploring The True Three R’s (Responsibility, Relationships

In Memory of Trayvon and Kamau While thousands  marched  and rallied protesting the not guilty verdict bestowed upon George Zimmerman, (white,) in the murder of  17-year-old Trayvon Martin in Florida, another 17-year-old African-American youth,  Kamau Chandler, was  shot  and killed  on Brooklyn’s Bedford-Stuyvesant’s Fulton Street on July 27 in an encounter with two Black males.   […]Read More

Henry Butler is New Bed-Stuy Community Board 3 District Manager

By Stephen Witt If a history of civic, community and business involvement is any indication then Bedford-Stuyvesant residents are in very capable hands with Community Board 3’s new chief administrator. That after the CB3 board both accepted the resignation of its longtime Chair Henry Butler and then promptly hired him to replace the retiring Charlene […]Read More

Self-Empowerment Youth Program Encourages Future African-American Engineers

By Stephen Witt Three hundred of the brightest young African-American minds throughout Central Brooklyn, along with 200 parents, packed the cafeteria/gymnasium at P.S. 5 Dr. Ronald McNair Elementary School in Bed-Stuy last Saturday morning for orientation to a mentoring program that will nurture the next generation of African-American engineers. The Summer Engineering for Kids (SEEK) […]Read More

Brownsville Community Baptist Church Fights Crime with Jobs

In an effort to combat crime, Brownsville Community Baptist Church hosted a job fair. Reverend Harold Burton said jobs would help lower the rate of violence in our communities because employment would make a person concerned about life. “You see people being shot in the streets, just loafing. They should know that somebody cares,” said […]Read More

Are the Barrons Planning to Switch Seats?

Term limited Councilman Charles Barron was asked by Our Time Press if he is going to switch seats with his wife, two-term Assembly woman Inez Barron.  “I am leaving all my possibilities open,” the councilman said. “I am thinking, if we need, to switch seats. That’s a possibility.” Local political operatives have been talking about […]Read More

Marijuana Busts Targets Communities of Color. Low-level Pot Busts of

The city’s police department’s stop and frisk policy is sending thousands of young people of color through the penal system for minor marijuana arrests, according to a recently released study. The Drug Policy Alliance report found that there were 50,383 low-level marijuana possession arrests last year and 86 percent of those arrested were young people […]Read More