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Community Board 3 Holds Last Monthly Meeting of The Year

Community Board 3, which serves the Bedford-Stuyvesant community, met for the final monthly meeting at Restoration Plaza last night, Monday, December 5th. Most recently, the chair of the board, Tremaine Wright, was elected to the New York State Assembly for the 56th District of Brooklyn in September. Wright has served on the board for over […]readmore

Thanks to Village Keepers, A Handball Court, A Garden and

What started out as a nightmare for Ellery Street residents near Charlie’s Park, turned out to be a change for the better. On July 21st, kids rushed to Charlie’s Park excited for another play day when their excitement turned into anger and confusion. They were shocked to see their handball buried under a blanket of […]readmore

Community Board 3 Kicks Off The New Decade With Public

Neighbors Voice Their Concerns About  the Oversaturation of Public Programs Community Board 3 opened its first meeting in 2010 with a public hearing addressing the growing concern for the oversaturation of Public Programs in the area. For the past 10 years, residents have been constantly complaining about the numerous and abundance of programs being allowed […]readmore

The Brooklyn That Can’t be Bought…

  Mike Bloomberg’s first thoughts the morning after Mayoral election night might have wavered seamlessly between “ I won!” and “I almost lost!”  A bittersweet victory/defeat for the richest man in New York City, who lives in a world where powerful egos have no patience with almost losing.  He won 557,059 expensive votes to Democrat […]readmore