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Cathie Black’s Forwarding Address

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is Part Three in an investigation of the symbiotic relationship between Rupert Murdoch, his company News Corporation, and Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his privately held company Bloomberg LP.      Whatever happened to Cathie Black?      That’s one of the loose ends in this ongoing investigative series that has been troubling.       In […]readmore

At Wit's End: Bloomberg's Street Initiatives

Although there is great fun in skewering the Bloomberg Administration like a shish kebab at a Halal stand, there are a few things in which I agree with our billionaire mayor. Among these items is Hizzoner’s fanatical approach to putting pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and bike lanes around the city. It almost makes the city civilized. I […]readmore

At Wit's End: The political animal that is Hakeem Jeffries

Give me a reformer politician today and I’ll show you the entrenched and powerful politician of tomorrow. At least that’s my hunch when it comes to Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries. In many ways, Jeffries came in on the back of the late City Councilman James Davis, who took on the old Clarence Norman machine and beat […]readmore