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Brownsville Community Baptist Church Fights Crime with Jobs

In an effort to combat crime, Brownsville Community Baptist Church hosted a job fair. Reverend Harold Burton said jobs would help lower the rate of violence in our communities because employment would make a person concerned about life. “You see people being shot in the streets, just loafing. They should know that somebody cares,” said […]readmore

C-Warrants Can Be Cleared on April 22, 23 at Antioch

A new slant on a federal program will soon offer a two-day opportunity for Brooklyn residents to purge the record of any outstanding petty summonses and summons warrants. Project Safe Surrender (PSS) is a pilot community program that will come to the Antioch Baptist Church, 828 Greene Avenue, from 9 am to 5 pm, April […]readmore

Judge Randolph Jackson, NYS Supreme Court (ret.)

Judge Randolph Jackson, NYS Supreme Court (ret.) Recently retired Supreme Court Judge Randolph Jackson is a man on a mission to open himself to the future and work only on the things that are a joy to him.   We spoke with Judge Jackson in his childhood home in Park Slope where he gave us two […]readmore