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Ranked Choice: Voting your Heart & Mind

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 David Mark Greaves

 With Ranked Choice Voting, if your first choice is eliminated, your vote moves to your second choice and so on down. Previously there would be a fear of “wasting” votes on a candidate with no apparent chance of winning. Or even attracting votes that swing an election. With Ranked Choice Voting, if you rank that candidate, who’s ideas you like but feel they don’t have a chance, to win and they are eliminated, then your second choice becomes your first choice and you’ve had a chance to vote your heart and your mind.

Kimberly Council For Brooklyn Borough President
For Brooklyn Borough President, Kimberly Council is the kind of grassroots candidate made for RCV. RCV allows you to vote from your heart for your first choice and put the pragmatic choice second and so on. You may not think she has a chance of winning, but you rank her number one. After all, you might be surprised at how many hearts beat like yours.

What we like about Kimberly is her passion and her entrepreneurial spirit, her unpaid initiatives, and her obvious time-management skills. “Working with community nonprofits, I’ve developed 1,000 units of truly affordable housing, opened an affordable health clinic, expanded a food pantry, organized youth extracurricular programs, provided housing and resources for seniors, launched violence interruption programs, and overseen programs that help small businesses. And I did all of this while working full time as a law librarian and raising two kids.” Politicsny.com
For us, Kimberly just feels like fresh air.

Eric Adams For Mayor
For Mayor, the first heart and mind pick for us is Eric Adams. He is easily the best candidate for the job. Second ranking for us is a tie. We like Stringer because of his on-the-job experience, and Maya Wiley, because maybe it is time to have a progressive woman in City Hall. Then there’s, Shaun Donovan, the man knows housing and while he may not mention it as much as he should, he used to work for President Obama and Kathryn Garcia maybe should be higher because of her management skills.

Comptroller, Corey Johnson
For Comptroller, It’s easy to see why Corey Johnson leads the pack. He’s the one with the detailed and current knowledge of the city budget, ready to step right into the financial maelstrom that is the city recovering from the pandemic.