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Ranked Choice Voting Delivers Diverse Mayoral Frontrunners, and New Yorkers Approve

2 women and 3 candidates of color among the top 4 candidates for Mayor

NEW YORK, NY (06/14/2021) (readMedia)– In a new poll released today, 74% of respondents ranked more than one choice for mayor. Black voters — more so than any other demographic — used all five rankings.

When to Expect Results
New York State law prioritizes voter enfranchisement to provide for efficient, accurate, and fair elections. As a result, final results, as always, will not be available on election night. Absentee, affidavit, and military ballots cannot be counted until June 29 per New York State law. At that point, election workers will begin notifying voters of the chance to correct “curable defects’’ with absentee ballots. Corrected absentee ballots are due no later than July 9.
This timeline is standard for elections in New York, and is not prolonged by ranked choice voting (RCV).
Results on Election night will only reflect in-person votes cast during the early voting period and on Election Day itself. It will not include absentee or affidavit ballots. Therefore, it is incomplete.

June 29: the NYC Board of Elections will tabulate the first RCV round to provide unofficial, and incomplete results. These will not include absentee ballots, which cannot be counted until June 29 per New York State law.
July 6: the BOE will release an updated RCV count with the absentee ballots they’ve received so far, and will continue to update these results weekly until all ballots are in and the count is certified.
July 12: likely date of final results which will include final round-by-round tabulation as needed.