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Parents Notebook: Home Works! During Summer and Beyond…


The slower days of summer bring an opportunity for parents to begin using the home as a learning lab.  Parents are experienced at functioning in the real world, having skills for various workplaces.  We want our children to have Survival skills – and we want them to have a sense of purpose – their purpose, contribution.   It must start with Self.  We can no longer depend on a system that values profit over humanity to protect our children.  Parents allowing children to practice skills learned at home generates a feeling of being capable – the major ingredient of self-esteem.  Family and neighbors can play a role by assigning and rewarding tasks.   Home is the place to grow emotionally secure, confident youngsters who are capable of problem-solving and making life-supportive choices.

While February, being Black History Month, is always filled with programming that brings new heroes and heroines to light, summer can be a time to extend those discoveries from home base.  Roots Revisited developed and circulated a flyer “Elders/Ancestors/Inventors- Deserve Respect:” The flyer lists over 80 Black inventors with their invention. (Call 718-773-0246 or 718-778-0009, ext 17 for flyer) Youngsters could choose an invention of choice and research the inventor and circumstances associated with the invention. Using the invention as object of choice is important as it may provide clues to child’s stronger intelligences. And while your child’s school may or may not have included a Multiple Intelligence-oriented curriculum, parents must find ways to allow their child to grow.

1. Designate a weekly family night with hours that work for all family members. Use time for each to share what’s happening with them, assign weekly chores, acknowledge accomplishments, resolve disputes, plan family events. This activity will add to family cohesiveness, setting the stage for family to function as a team.

2. Have each family member select, read a newspaper or magazine article at a family meal and please plan at least one family meal per week.

3. Assign the responsibility for checking utility bills each month. You may want to develop a chart for monthly comparisons.

4. Have child read a recipe while you prepare the dish or have student read recipe and prepare dish.

5.  Have student compare prices on sales sheets, read directions on medication or household products.

6. Prepare and divide items on shopping list, allowing child or children to find items at market.

7. Provide a map and ask child to write directions to destinations.

8. Play word games –SCRABBLE, Puzzles, Word Search, etc.  These provide fun while building vocabulary and sharpening math skills.

9. Create a project that neighbors and neighborhood kids can join.

Please send ideas for summer projects at home and on the city blocks growing community during the summer.  Share your project and send ideas to parentsnotebook@yahoo.com.

PN Alerts!!

***Summer Tech Internship for H.S. girls –

an 8-week summer program embeds high school girls inside a technology company or university setting from 9-5 each day where they get hands-on experience in  computing concepts, programming fundamentals, mobile phone development, robotics and Web development and  design. The 2013 Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program will be offered in New York, Detroit and the San Francisco Bay Area. Applicants must be current high school sophomores or juniors and must commit to attending the full 8-week program  at 9am-5pm each day.  No background in computer science is required. Deadline for applying is April 15, 2013 at 11:59PM EST.  Visit www.girlswhocode.com for more information and to apply.

***Career Opportunities in Accounting Program at Long Island University Bklyn campus – program for high school juniors.  Program runs from Sunday, July 7- July 11. Free and includes accommodations in the LIU residence halls.  Deadline to apply – Saturday, April 20.  For more info and apply community@brooklyn.liu.edu. ***Resources for upcoming state exams – http://www.doe.mass.edu/mcas/2011/release/


***OTP readers are invited to participate in “The 45-Day Challenge” a program which is designed to make a difference by utilizing the tested and proven formula “it takes 21 days to form or change habits” for parents or grandparents  of youth 6 to 16 years to turn problems into projects and discover the youth’s strongest intelligences, connect youth with activities that stimulate and motivate resulting with tools for rearing Self-determining, Motivated, Achieving, Responsible, Team-oriented or SMART youth.  Adults grouped by age of child, meetings held by teleconference –   Admission: A problem to solve.  For more info and to register call 718-783-0059 or e-mail parentsnotebook@yahoo.com.

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