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Parents and Students Team Up at the Word Power League

The first parent-student teams to register in the Word Power League at Magnolia Tree Earth  Center put their heads together and  raced the clock competing in warm-up word games that led to the main event –  a battle at the SCRABBLE Board.
Once the games began, the communication was mostly between parent and child as they consulted to strategize moves. Although this first game wasn’t to be included in the team stats, you would not have known.  Questions to clarify rules were asked, words were challenged, the dictionary consulted, phoney words uncovered and new words learned.  The teams were obviously having a good time, such a good time that they managed to extend the game 15 minutes.
Parents with two or more children said they appreciated the opportunity to spend time alone with their child in a productive activity.  Asha, a second grader boasted that she enjoyed being on the same team with her mother.   Kayla, a third grader, said “I liked when people who won felt good about themselves”.  Kayla’s mom, Rosalyn, said, “It was so much fun.  I’m going to make it a family affair.”  Noni, 7th grader, stopped on her way out and simply said “Thank you for inviting us.”
Combining team-building skills with competitive spirit and promoting the concept of parent and child as team, the Word Power League’s vision is aimed at transforming  parent-child relationships while enhancing academic skills.   The next sessions will be held Saturday, March 19th and April 2nd and there are still a few spaces available for teams to register by calling 718-783-4432 or 718-387-2116.

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