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Tsahai Ptah

Tsahai Akili Ptah, 9, is the daughter of filmmaker/actress Nadhege Ptah, one of the “Timeless Women” to be featured in OTP’s salute to March Women’s Herstory Month.

 Nadhege produced, directed, and wrote the much-talked-about short film, “Paris Blues in Harlem,” in which she carries the lead role, Paris.  The esteemed Tonya Pinkins and  Charles Welden star in the film which according to Harlem World “is about love, heritage and gentrification”.  

Last Friday, Nadhege introduced us to the writings of young Tsahai.  We learned she has an appreciation for math and loves science. She is a dancer, tennis player and is a natural at “role-playing an old woman.”  She also is a good student and born writer.

In OTP fashion, Tsahai will contribute writing relevant to various themes in the paper, throughout this month, A sample of her work is below. And, yes, she truly writes this well.


By- Tsahai Akili Ptah

 When the wind pushes back on my skin my face turns calm. When the sun comes out every morning it reflects on my skin. When the moon comes out every morning it glazes and reflects on my skin. When the moon comes out I always wish for something crazy like a sister I have always longed for. When I am outside alone my eyes start dazing off into space. When I am inside watching my mom paint it makes me feel magnificent. I study everything she does. When the rain comes down and everything is covered in tears it’s like I’m singing a sad blues. When I am standing still doing nothing it inspires to come here and write, right here just you and me paper and pen.


Nadhege Ptah

Tsahai Akili Ptah was born on September 22, 2009. Her first name is Ethiopian, which means Sun, and Akili is Swahili, which means wise. She is the second of three children. Tsahai is humorous, helpful, giver, curious, meticulous, inquisitive, quiet, and shy.  Although she is timid it does not stop her in exploring her multitude of talents in dance, tennis, and writing and her natural ability to role-play an old woman. 

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