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Obama and Romney Faceoff in First Debate

President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney in first candidate’s debate.


The fact checkers will be working feverishly overnight to determine what battering the truth took and which protestations of “That’s simply not accurate,” were stretched truths themselves. What was clear is that Governor Romney is a dissembler. As the President said of Romney’s evasiveness, “…ultimately, part of being principled and part of being a leader is … being able to describe exactly what it is you intend to do, not just saying I’ll sit down, but you have to have a plan.” Romney refuses to give a plan other than to repeat that whatever he does will result in jobs, jobs, jobs, as though they will appear from a magically expanding economy. He wants to have jobs without doing any hiring.
A pox on both their houses was a theme that ran through the Expand the debate on Democracy Now! Where Green Party candidate Dr. Jill Stein and Rocky Anderson the Justice Party candidate answered the same questions, posed by moderator Amy Goodman in the Jim Lehr position. Here was discussed things not covered by either President Obama or Governor Romney. At one point, they were speaking about a single-payer Medicare-for-all-system that “70% of the people say they want” but that giant corporations and their lobbyists don’t want them to have. It was like coming up for air. How do you have the opportunity to ask the presidential candidates a question on health care, and not have single-payer at the top of your list? On education, Dr. Jill Stein said that “The Race to the Top” initiative that the president was so proud of, “is a privatization plan” and that the high stakes testing involved is not the way to a sound education. She spoke of the importance of improving the circumstances of the “whole student.”
Expand the Debate gave a graphic understanding of the extent to which the range of options presented is pre-determined and constricted by the interests that control the two major parties. For the next debate, you might want to check with www.democracynow!.org and see what wasn’t said. David Mark Greaves

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