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Long Island University’s Brooklyn Campus Hosts Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Film Salon, January 13

BROOKLYN, N.Y., December 18, 2006 – Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center announces the INSIDE MAN Conference: How to Get Started in Careers in Film. This special event will introduce low-income adults and teens to the diverse career paths available to them in New York City’s extensive film and television industry. Co-sponsored by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) Resident Employment Services and the Workforce Development Center at NYC College of Technology, the conference will be held on January 13, 2007, on the Brooklyn campus of Long Island University.
The conference will begin with a special screening of the film INSIDE MAN, directed by Spike Lee, and an analysis of what makes it a great film. Following will be an introductory talk on Production Assistant work, the definitive entry-level job in the industry. Separate workshops will then be offered on the various career paths available in film and TV, including Editing, Screenwriting, Set Construction/Scenic Arts, Grip/Gaffer Departments, Hair/Makeup, and Wardrobe.  Led by local industry professionals, these workshops are designed to provide insight into the day-to-day requirements of these positions. For the final conference panel, various media and filmmaker organizations, including the Tribeca Film Institute, Brooklyn Workforce Initiatives (which runs the ‘MADE IN NY’ PA program), Entertainment Technology Department at City Tech, LIU Media Arts Department, Brooklyn Arts Council, Brooklyn Community Access Television, Steiner Studios, and the Banneker High School Media Program, will discuss the resources available for those seeking to break into the industry and what new avenues are needed.   In conjunction with our Martin Luther King Day tribute, Fort Greene’s hometown production company, 40 Acres & a Mule Filmworks, Inc., will be honored throughout the day by film professionals who began and had their careers advanced by working with 40 Acres. Refreshments will be provided at the conference, along with ample time for participants and presenters to socialize and network.
The timeliness of BYFC’s ‘INSIDE MAN’ Conference, and it’s ongoing community education work, is underlined by the fact that the Mayor’s Office has seen the need recently to create the Task Force on Diversity in Film, Television and Commercial Production, which is studying how to increase the number of minorities and women in the workforce.  Also pointing to the need to find new ways to increase diversity is Cornell University’s ‘New York Big Picture’ Study, which includes the most comprehensive breakdown to-date of the make-up of the New York City Film Industry workforce.

For over six years, Brooklyn Young Filmmakers Center (BYFC) has been at the forefront of the drive for greater diversity in New York City’s film and television industry. With this first annual conference, INSIDE MAN: How to Get Started in Careers in Film, BYFC furthers its mission to provide a curriculum that not only educates low-income and minority people about local job opportunities, but also promotes film literacy. BYFC’s Intro to PA and Intro to Screenwriting classes, along with its Getting Started in Careers in Film Spring salon series, are designed to be effective, low-cost alternatives to provide entr‚e into the film industry in addition to traditional film school pathways.    Beyond the conference Brooklyn Young Filmmakers is currently working to establish a Career Guidance & Networking Center for adults and teens. Located within the Whitman Community Center in Fort Greene Public Housing, and collaborating with the NYCHA Resident Employment Services and the Workforce Development Center at NYC College of Technology, BYFC is an accessible resource for the community that needs it most.
There will be a special tribute to 40 Acres & A Mule.  The closing conference panel of representatives from NYC filmmaker and media organizations will give an overview of existing training resources and discuss what new services need to be created to help increase diversity in the film industry’s workforce.   Brooklyn Young Filmmakers will talk about its campaign to open a Career Guidance & Networking Center for working class adults and teens.
         Registration starts at 9:30am / Screening of ‘INSIDE MAN’ 10:00am – 12:30pm /
 Conference starts at 1:00pm
Spring 2007 BYFC ‘Careers In Film’ Salon Series at LIU 
  April 5th, May 3rd, June 7TH   (1ST Thursdays)

‘Intro to Scriptwriting: Blueprint for Making a Film’
‘Intro to Production Assistant’
Visit www.wearebyfc.org for more on BYFC

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