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Just a thought … A Topical Solution: Hand Sanitizer as an Industry

Hand sanitizer manufacturers in India

Could communities where viruses and other related illness hit the hardest 
become centers of production for such products as hand sanitizers and other simply made products we currently import?

The demand for hand sanitizers since the beginning of spring has increased  hundred-fold.and so have sales of the product.  It’s as much a big business as it is a public health necessity.

It’s not a complex product to make, as indicated by BK Buddha in the Thinker›s Notebook article.
But a quick look at the bottle label reveals it is an import, manufactured and packaged in other countries and distributed by a company hundreds of miles away. 
Yesterday, the administration announced it is planning to support Eastman Kodak Co., the former photography and film products conglomerate, money to support the launch of a pharmaceutical division.   The loan would amount to a $765 million. At the press conference, Trump said, “It’s a breakthrough in bringing pharmaceutical manufacturing back to the U.S.

A ground-breaking move would be to build industry in the community’s hit hardest by blight. is helping that’s doing what matters by developing industries the people can run or work in.  
From a conversation, yesterday, with Tom, a Vietnamese Lyft driver we gained some insight on yet another cleaner. The disinfectant.  

He told us many time a passenger enters his car and immediately sprays the seats with sanitizer. “ I them they are spraying gel residue, on the seats, making a mess.  Hand sanitizers are for the hands.  The only disinfectant for the care is alcohol. I disinfect my car all the time with alcohol.  That’ all you need when you’re deep cleaning. The chief ingredient in most disinfectants is alcohol. Everything else is frills. 
He also informed that due to COVID19’s shutdown of  nail places, a purchaser may be able to find bulk alcohol at the salon or the wholesale site in certain areas or where customer flow is not steady.

 Made in Brooklyn or even Bedford-Stuyvesant or East New York could be a reality one day. And «cleaning up» could take on a whole different meaning —  like, creating  income for jobbers and owners. 

Simple, necessary and essential items.    (BG)

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