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In Thailand Children Rescued, In America Children Lost

The first pictures of the boys from a youth soccer team, who are being treated after being rescued from a cave, at a hospital in Chiang Rai province, Thailand. All 12 boys and their football coach have been rescued from a flooded cave in northern Thailand after being trapped for 18 days, rescuers said on Tuesday. The 12 young footballers, aged between 11 and 16, and their 25-year-old coach went missing during an excursion in Tham Luang cave in northern Thailand's Chiang Rai Province since June 23. (Credit Image: PRD/HANDOUT/EPA/Shutterstock

Part of the joy of the rescue of the 12 Thai soccer players and their coach, was seeing experts across nationalities working together and putting their lives on the line with exquisite planning, to save the boys and reunite them with their families.   There is an instant sense of nostalgia in it, because It feels like the last good thing we’ll know.

The rescue comes at a time when the world, foreign and domestic, is coming to grips with what has happened in the United States. We see a regime that breaks international law by arresting asylum seekers and callously separates them from their now traumatized children without a plan to bring them back together.   A president who fights with longtime international allies in NATO and is best friends with Vladimir Putin who hacked the U.S. elections on his behalf.

The Republican party has achieved its goal of a takeover of the federal judiciary with lifetime appointments. We have seen the takeover of all of the levers of U.S. power by an autocrat, kept in place by the minority that believes the world is for their use and they have to be supreme in it. Now this minority has been strategically amassed in gerrymandered districts that elect representatives who bow to their cult leader.

They control it all until the midterms, when the election will come which will determine the fate of the nation. Getting people registered to vote and having them actually do it has to become the mission of everyone who does not want what they have, taken away.

Local Politics: Children First

Gubernatorial candidate Cynthia Nixon is firing on all cylinders and her education plan is kicking. Ms. Nixon has been presenting her vision and herself on the ground, face-to-face. And with her Educate New York plan, she puts educating and caring for children as the first duty of the state, as it is for any family. This orientation toward the environment and health care, what’s best for family, has produced a visceral campaign that a winner runs. A campaign not driven by politicians trying to get ahead in the party, or tied to entrenched profitable relationships with lobbyists, corporate interests and whatever dark systems they have.

Nixon is taking a womb-to-college approach to education that combines best practices for maternal health, child health and education enrichment and opportunity.

As a start to fighting back against the economic/class warfare waged by major corporations and the rich against everyone else, Nixon proposes paying for the 7.367 billion Educate NY plan, by restoring Andrew Cuomo’s corporate tax cuts, corporate tax reforms and a millionaire’s tax.

New York is spending more on education than other states, but it is how that money is distributed that is the problem.   Nixon says, “New York’s schools are now the second most inequitably funded in the nation, with a difference of $9,923 per pupil between rich and poor school districts. The inequity has grown by 24 percent since Andrew Cuomo took office. The result is overcrowded classrooms, libraries without librarians, a shortage of teachers for English language learners, and school counselors serving 400, 500 or even 700 students apiece. For many students of color, the consequence is that schools that should be putting them on the track to college and careers, instead criminalize them and push them into the school-to-prison pipeline.”

Put the children first wherever they’re found. At the southern border of the United States, in NYCHA housing, or in the caves of Thailand. David Mark Greaves

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