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Hoffman and Oquendo: Murders in Black and White

By Alton H. Maddox, Jr.


This past Sunday, Philip Seymour Hoffman, an Oscar-winning, white actor was found dead in his Greenwich Village apartment of an alleged, heroin overdose on this past Sunday.  In other words, “Hoffman killed himself”.  On the other hand, Avonte Oquendo, an autistic, Latino student in the care and custody of New York’s public school system went missing in October 2013.  Parts of his body were found on or about January 17, 2014.  His murderer is still possibly employed by the NYC Department of Education which has mayoral control of our children.


Since Blacks and Latinos, under the U.S. Constitution, are considered only “three-fifths of a person” and their blood is cheap under the “one ounce” rule, the police summarily ended its missing child investigation on the discovery of Oquendo’s body parts.  This is evidence of a heinous crime.


On the other hand, the investigation concerning the circumstances of Hoffman’s death commenced on this past Sunday as is prescribed by Article 190 of the Criminal Procedure Law.  The police are interested in identifying the supplier of any drugs to Hoffman.  There is the possibility of a felony-murder charge and there is a continuing, ongoing, criminal, investigation.


Since Black parents are not only unaware of their rights but they also erroneously believe the dictum of Chief Justice Roger Taney of Dred Scott when he said:  “No Negroes have any rights that whites are bound to respect”, no Black parent has demanded a grand jury investigation into the murder of Avonte Oquendo or a grand jury report recommending appropriate legislation.  We have nothing to die for; therefore, we have nothing to live for.  In New York City, Black parents have been disfranchised.


In the Hoffman case, at the outset, the NYPD is looking for at least one suspect or a middleman.  The intention is to employ this evidence to initiate a criminal prosecution.  It is believed that this is a suspect perpetrating a white on white crime.  The badly-mutilated body of Oquendo is reminiscent of the death of Emmett Till, a Black teenager murdered by white racists in Mississippi.


Since it is widely-believed that any murderer of Oquendo is a white person, there is no need for a grand jury investigation because New York’s judicial system is “infested with racism”.   It has been my experience that law enforcement agencies need a “cold trail” before it initiates a grand jury investigation when the suspect is white.   The agencies need time in order for the suspect to get far ahead of the posse.


If Blacks and Latinos enjoyed political representation, their political representatives would already be considering legislation for the degree of care necessary for the protection of our children.  A grand jury can not only initiate a criminal investigation but also recommend remedial legislation.  A grand jury may also recommend a grand jury report.  Avonte Law, by Congress, will not do the “trick”.


For the first time in New York’s history, Blacks, in the Freedom Party, have been given the assignment of fashioning a legislative agenda from a legislative memorandum and a legal memorandum.  It is very important for a political party to acquire legal literature to combat “unjust laws”.  Otherwise, rental space for a political party without a law library is only a “political front”.


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