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Hillary and Bernie: Ask Not For The Community’s Allegiance; Declare Your Commitment to the Community

Bill Clinton, Alexander Clinton, Francis Constantine. Photo: Bernice Elizabeth Green
Bill Clinton, Alexander Clinton, Francis Constantine. Photo: Bernice Elizabeth Green

William “Bill” Clinton

Why can’t there be more affordable housing for the older people, and why can’t that housing be in Clinton Hill, Fort Greene, Boerum Hill or Brooklyn Heights? And they call “affordable” aren’t the apartments seniors who are on a fixed income can afford. I’ve been a business owner for 31 years and a real estate owner.

When Hillary visited Brown Memorial Church last Sunday, The Rev. Clinton Miller invited her to meet their “Bill” Clinton. Bill, seen here on the far left, stood and gave her the royal wave. The Georgia-born Clinton Hill homeowner has been in business for 37 years.


Alexander Clinton

We’re missing something when we don’t  take care of our seniors, and they are being left out of the conversation. We’re losing our heritage, and all that we built because our history is not in the textbooks. The Brooklyn native, 27, an employee with Home Depot, is one of Bill’s two sons, and an apprentice in his father’s boiler maintenance. He teaches swimming to seniors and young people, ages 7-12, on the weekends.


Francis Constantine

Why give immigrants a hard time, when they come here and work hard. The Jamaica native and homeowner

for 45 years works in home repairs and construction.


Natalie Agbaje
Natalie Agbaje

Natalie Agbaje, 31

I saw Hillary Clinton on the” Black Girls Rock” special the other night, and she talked about Black women being at the center, but what I really want to know is how is she going to help low-income families and when she said there are barriers holding African Americans and women back, what does she mean by it and what is she going to do. Resident of Flatbush



Candidate for New York State 56th Assembly District, Brooklyn Welcome to the world I grew up in, the

Karen Cherry
Karen Cherry

people I have known all my life.

Unfortunately, conversations are not being had on the national level about the real issues that concern the communities I call home and the people, particularly the seniors, I call my friends. Who speaks for them? So Hillary, you are a senior and a woman: if you did not have the finances and resources you have now, how would you cope, how would you deal with finding the money to pay for costly medical expenses, so-called affordable rents that are nothing but costly and high; living for months without a stove, how would you survive if you have worked hard all of your life, and now can’t afford an apartment or afford to live? Not only are people being preyed on

by greedy developers, people are living in the projects paying as much as $2,000 a month rent, and others are being displaced altogether as they watch luxury towers being constructed around them. When they are frozen by fear and hunger, and breathing asbestos dust as housing administrators race to clean up the mess while they are living in these apartments, who speaks for them, how do they keep warm, how do they keep healthy? Who would you go to, and how will you handle these situations that are going on with voters in cities around the nation?


Frankie A.

Frankie A.
Frankie A.

It’s Trump who will deliver. He says what he really feels, and what no one’s saying. I’m tired of people coming here, making a lot of money and sending it back to their country. Frankie of Puerto Rican descent is a popular mailman who says there’s no other candidate for him except Trump. And he has no demands of the billionaire, just to

follow through on what he’s saying.


Randy Weston

Nobody talks about Black culture. That’s what’s missing. I’m totally with the ancestors, and I’m still studying Louis

Armstrong, King Oliver, Paul Robeson, Adam Clayton Powell, Dr. Ben, John Henrik Clarke, Langston

Randy Weston
Randy Weston

Hughes. I’m in love with the great grandma who I never met, who came here and built a life with no money,

no resources. We have no Gil Noble who put cultural artists and politicians on the same level.

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