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Great Candidates, Hard Choices – Two For Congress

The 10th Congressional district race, with Councilman Charles Barron and Assemblyman Roger L. Green challenging Congressman Edolphus Towns, is a tough one to call as the challengers have similar views on so many issues.   But the only weapons that can defeat a sitting congressman are money or passion and while neither Barron or Green have money long like that, what Barron does have, is the ability to inspire passion on the street.  And while we like Roger Green and respect his long progressive career, it’s in passionate beliefs of the people in the street, where this election will be won.
It can be said that this nation is at war, and not just in the Middle East.  We are at war stateside for rights and freedoms, for tax fairness and reparations.  The corporate right wing of the Republican party has been pretty much leading the Democrats around at will and this go-along to get-along nonsense has got to stop.  There is a war being fought for the direction of this country and the progressives, the not-rich and the people of African and Indigenous Descent, need a warrior.  People on the street recognize Barron as that man, a congressman with a national voice, tending to both his District and national interests as well.
In Congress, they might not like what Barron says, but he will help shape the debate and sometimes a little shaping is all you need.

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