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George Walters of Metro Exchange pulled our coat to the School Board meeting at 110 Livingston Street. Feb. 25. The Regular Calendar and Public Agenda Meetings are held the third Wednesday of the month, usually at 6:00pm. It was the first time we had attended the meetings and they were very instructive in giving insight into education as a set of businesses providing services to the districts through training programs, proposal writing and teacher education. The Public Agenda portion is when individuals can bring their problems with the school system before the Board of Education with Chancellor Rudy Crew and President Bill Thompson, Jr. "In order to speak at this meeting, it will be necesary to advise the office of the Secretary in advance before 4:00 P.P. ofthe day preceding the meeting. The person wishing to speak must personally teleplhone or write to Office of the Secretary, Susan C. Naste, Room 1133, 110 Livingstion Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201. or telephone (718) 935-3307. When calling or writing to request speaking time, persons should clearly indicate the topic."

At this meeting several parents made presentations and Chancellor Crew assigned a person from his office to more fully hear their concern. 
Tireless activist Carol Taylor spoke on the topic of police in the schools.  because you are only allowed three minutes, her list of names of young men killed by police had to be cut off.  
These names should not be forgotten, and we give them to you for the record.
“No Blue Fools in Our Schools”Carol Taylor

 ” I hereby lodge the strongest possible protest against cops in our children’s public schools! 
The police of NYC are no longer role models:
* In 1989 they rioted; (egged on by Giuliani)
*The police are already invasively using the kids’ pictures with their mug books.
*Most of the schools that already have cops, over 130 of them, are  Black schools!
*Our children understand the fearsome certainty that cops don’t shoot white males in the back!
*The Black community fights the cop intimidation on the streets – our kids do not need to face oppressive psychological and physical intimidation in their schools! 
 *We taxpayers have already paid out over Ninety-Eight Million Dollars in jury award or settlements for police brutality during “Giuliani Time”.
*The majority of brutality/terrorism by cops involves Black Africans-mostly Black African males!
*If Chancellor Crew had incorporated our Racism Quotient Test Program – we asked him to four years ago, and as we repeatedly ask the NYPD to use on its racist/colorist cops before they’re let loose on our citizenry – we wouldn’t need this Hearing on cops in our schools! The following incomplete list of cop-murdered Black males is the best reason for no cops in our schools:
 Nicholas Heyward*, Peter Bailey*, Kevin Cedeno*, William Whitfield, Timothy Hudson, Joseph Stevens, Nathaniel Gaines, Jr.*, Steve Excell*, Anthony Rosario*, Hilton Vega*, Johnny Cromartie, Jonnie Gammage, Malice Green, John Afrika, Abdul Mateen, Ed Perry, Antwar Sedgwick, Christopher Wade, Ernest Sayon, Eric Thomas, Eric Pitt, Reginald Bannerman, Rudy Buchanan, Malik Jones, Shawn Montague, Richard Austin, Joseph Stevens, Arthur Miller, Arthur McDuffie, Don Taylor, Michael Taylor, Michael Stewart, Michael Donald, Michael Clark, Michael Phillips-Phillip, Pannell, Douglas Fischer, Sean Bennett, Nicholas Bartlett, Anthony Baez, Allan Blanchard, Keshawn Watson, Keith Richardson, Charles Campbell, Jason Nichols, Dario Diodonet Mohammad Assassa, Stoney Huggee, Abe Richardson, Juan Rodriquez, Steven Kelly, Kathurima Mwaria, Dennis Gross, Shu’Aib Latif, Laurence Meyers, John Jordan, Thomas Branch, James Baker-Paul Trotman, Bobby Rodriguez, Morris Duncan, Annibal Carasquillo, Bernard Gardner, Julio Tar-quino, Joseph Gould, Julio Nunez, Joseph Orlando, Robin Williams, Owen Williams, William Leonard, Robert Tyler, Loyal Garner, Kevin Thorpe, Ronald Stokes, Warren Battle, Randy Evans, Clifford Glover, Jimmie Lee Bruce, Clement Lloyd, Cornell Warren, Jose Reyes, Winston Hood, William Green-Louis Baez, Arthur Slade, Dane Kemp, Andre London, Alfred Sanders, Demont Lawson, Casey Merchant/William Smith, John Kelly, Andel Amos, Roy Lee Jones, Richard Deem, Edmund Powell, Claude Reese, Hector Jones, Alfonso Fernandez, Jose LeBrun, Howard Caesar, Jay Parker, Abdul Salaam, Terrence Kean, Kenneth Simpson, Timothy Howell, Neville Johnson, Ricahrd Luke, Richard borden, Jesse Davis, Lester Yarbrough, Charles Stamper, Timothy Bolden, Tycel Nelson, Clarence Smith, Charles Burnett, Ricky McCargo, Joseph Robertson….(*Shot in the back.)

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