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Gamechangers: Alabi, UFT, Robinson, Brooklyn Patrol North, Taking Stand Together For Public Safety

Olanike Alabi, State Committeewoman, District Leader, 57th A. D.
Olanike Alabi, State Committeewoman, District Leader, 57th A. D.

Last week, Olanike Alabi, State Committeewoman/District Leader of AD 57,  announced her sponsorship —  in partnership with community advocates, labor organizations and law enforcement — of a series of major crime prevention briefings to take place March 8, 14, 17, 23 and 31 in Brooklyn North; and April 6 and 21 in Brooklyn South.  (See below flyer for dates and locations of Brooklyn North briefings.   Brooklyn South sessions will be reported next week.)
This effort is part of Mayor De Blasio and NYPD Bill Bratton’s “One City: Safe and Fair –Everywhere” neighborhood policing  program unveiled last June.  This new Brooklyn initiative was launched on January 1 of this year.  It encourages and establishes partnerships between “neighborhood coordinating officers” and the community in sourcing the causes of crime and violence.

In past years, these kinds of  briefing sessions were led solely by law enforcement professionals.  In recent years, the Justice Department, Local and state district attorneys, and city officials have recognized … and now herald …  the importance of direct community involvement in crime prevention and reduction.

Taking a stand with her on this effort are Jeffrey Maddrey Patrol Borough Brooklyn North (PBBN);  Michael Mulgrew, President, United Federation of Teachers (UFT), and Taharka Robinson, founder  and of the Brooklyn Anti-Violence Coalition (BAVC).

Michael Mulgrew, President, United Federation of Teachers

“We were inspired to convene Public Safety and Crime Prevention Briefings based on the crimes and random acts of violence that have occurred throughout the city,” District Leader Alabi told Our Time Press. “The establishment of the new Neighborhood Coordination Officer (NCO) program and its implementation in several Brooklyn North Precincts supports the perspective that residents should not view themselves as victims.  Working in partnership with law agencies, we can feel empowered with information to try to reduce it by utilizing existing resources in the community to prevent it.

Taharka Robinson, President, Brooklyn Anti-Violence Coalition
Taharka Robinson, President, Brooklyn Anti-Violence Coalition

“Crime is multi-faceted,” she adds, “and, too often, caused by forces beyond our immediate control.   Yet, there are strategies we can share and tactics  we can learn from each other that may have an impact on threats to public safety.”
“The United Federation of Teachers is proud to take part in this public safety and crime prevention initiative in Brooklyn North.,” says Anthony Harmon, Assistant to the President and Director, Community & Parent Outreach. “We are partners with the community – both in and out of school.”

“The Public Safety and Crime Prevention Briefings bring a heightened awareness of public safety in the community and it also allows people to understand that there is no divide here,” Taharka Robinson told Our Time Press, Tuesday. “When two officers were shot last Saturday on Malcolm X. Blvd., they were doing their jobs. We went out in force immediately to support them.

Jeffrey Maddrey, Commander, Brooklyn Borough North
Jeffrey Maddrey, Commander, Patrol Borough Brooklyn North

“The community comprises individuals in public service, unions, educators, law enforcement — all walks of life — who have a large impact on our neighborhood, and on the lives and learnings of our children.  So this is a collaborative effort;  we are partners in law enforcement.”   For more information: 718-398-0750.

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