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Fulton-Nostrand United Merchants Association Meeting

Meeting the Merchants: Captain Donald Lyons, Commander officer of 79th precinct, addresses the Fulton Nostrand Merchants Association monthly meeting seated are Cynthia Wilson, Branch Manager Washington Mutual Joel Dabu, executive director of the Fulton Nostrand United Merchants Association, Edmond Brathwaite, Nostrand Wines and Liquors, Joe Long, Owner Birdel’s Records.

The January meeting of the Fulton-Nostrand Merchants Association featured the announcement by Edmond Brathwaite of Nostrand Wines and Liquors of the April 12 wine-tasting at the Fulton Street branch of Carver Federal Savings Bank.  The event is designed as a scholarship fund-raiser for neighborhood youth and is sponsored by Nostrand Wines and Liquors and its suppliers.  Mr. Edmond says “it will be an event like no other in Brooklyn.” 
The bulk of the meeting was given over to introducing Captain Donald Lyons, the new commanding officer of the 79th Precinct.
“I plan to be very involved”, said the captain.  “The only way I can be is if we have a two-way street of information.    If you see something out there that the police should be addressing and you don’t think they are, you have to let me know.
The captain noted that the Fulton Nostrand area was part of an impact zone and that “brand-new officers” are assigned here.
Lyons said that if there is an officer out there who “you have an interaction with and there is a problem, you have to let me know and it can’t be one of those things where we wait until next month’s meeting, that’s not going to make anybody solve the problem quickly.” 
“Also, if there is an officer out there who you have an interaction with and he goes above and beyond or does the right thing professionally, who shows courtesy, professionalism and respect and you are impressed by that, please let us know that, too.  It’s not just the problem ones, but if we praise the ones doing the right job, it serves as an example to everybody else.  If they get recognized by the community, that goes a long way to improve morale and it influences other officers and is an example for them.”

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