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Presidential Race Highlights Need for Values and Respect

By Bernice Elizabeth Green

The recent Presidential Debates ignored the day to day issues of the people on the ground, from the economics of poverty to education and housing and even the complexities of gentrification.

Sometimes, it boils down to “getting respect.”

On one side of the world arena is the ethnic majority whose demands – a constant state of faint echoes from the past – forever competes with the so-called ruling class’s own strident calculating voice, amplified to hugeness by current-day media.

How many of us felt that the best part of the debates was watching Saturday Night Live’s “coverage” of them?

It was bound to come to this: the world reflects reality TV and social media, sometimes a sword for the everyman, is the governor of “facts.” And only in America could a (white) political candidate for the highest office in the country get away with campaign centered around “sex,” “personality,” and late-night tweeting.

Perhaps the most respectful part of the campaign – occurred at the end of the second debate with the last question centered on what do you see as a value in your opponent: one candidate said about the other, parenting; the other cited his rival’s fierce stick-to-itiveness. Both rose in the moment, then sank back into politicking.

In some respects, Trump wins, even if he loses the election. But he really started losing the election when his wife took the stage, and wound up not owning it. There was the sign that she was not shown any respect. The man who successfully marketed himself to television viewers as the shrewdest business man ever, did not have anyone on his team review his wife’s script. Then, his children, all brilliant, a collective prize for any father, weren’t reminded to vote. Trump began the self-firing process in those moments.

And, we believe, the women of America took notice and found it not only disrespectful but questionable. How could you fail to instruct your executive caretaking team, namely the marketing people, to cover the backs of family members.

But for many who go to the polls, Trumps trip-ups notwithstanding, it is because Mrs. Clinton is a woman.

All this week’s Hillary-bashing is not just making her stronger, it is making women stronger in their resolve to vote against male hubris and “let a woman handle it.” It crosses all races, creeds.

And smart men are listening to their women because Mr. Trumps reportedly is losing them, too.

During October Domestic Violence month, America’s problem with male audaciousness was on stage at the debate along with all the women Trump invited to show up sitting near the wife of Mr. Trump, whose own woes were amplified by women who spilled the beans on him – the very same beans Trump threw at Bill Clinton.   What an ugly performance. So ugly you really couldn’t wait for Saturday Night Live to interpret it.

But Trump wins even in the losing. He captured the world, on television, with the expression, “you’re fired!” and got an important segment of folks, “fired up.”  He exposed a cancer – boiling too long just beneath the surface of America’s skin. He has brought a reality to center stage for some people who feel they have no rights, no place.


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