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Eyes on the Prize for Early Primary Voting

Eric Adams is in the lead for mayor for now, but that could change. He might not have been on as many second-place ballots as Maya Wiley, who was a strong second-choice candidate. It’s not impossible for her to gain enough votes to overcome her ten-point deficit. We’ve never done Ranked Choice Voting before. The only thing we know for sure, is that we don’t know what will happen, and that’s for all the races.

Gregory Hardy, age 70
“I voted Eric Adams, first choice, for mayor and Scott Stringer, second choice. I’m more familiar with Eric Adams and some of his activism, so I felt he was my best choice. Scott Springer, I voted for him as second choice, because he’s been around for a while and because of the many offices he’s held. And he appears to be a pretty liberal guy. For City Council, I didn’t know a lot about my choices, but Chi Osse was my first choice. He seems to be an admirable person. Then I voted for Tahirah Moore as second choice.
“For Borough President I voted for Jo Anne Simon. My second choice was Khari Edwards. They’re both activists who’ve been around and have some concerns about the community in general. Jo Anne Simon was endorsed by the Amsterdam News and the Amsterdam represents my community very well. They’ve been around a long time and I respect their decision to endorse her. I voted for Brad Lander for Comptroller, but I don’t remember my second choice, actually.”

Anonymous Woman Voter, age 29
“I really like the ability to come in when I have time to do so, and take the load off of Election Day, when other people for whom that’s their best bet for them, can go get help with a ballot from the poll workers if needed. It was so easy! A little faster than voting in the presidential election, when I waited in line for hours! “

Anonymous Woman Voter, age 47
“I’m going out of town tomorrow and I’m not coming back until the 22nd. I don’t want to miss my chance to vote. It was like in and out in two minutes. And also, I voted early in the presidential election.
For Mayor, my first choice was Maya Wiley and my second choice was Dianne Morales. I voted for Robert Cornegy for Borough President and I think I put Brad Lander as my first choice for Comptroller and Corey Johnson as my second.”

Jada, age 41
Mayor: Eric Adams, Maya Wiley

I chose Eric Adams as my first choice because as a mom of three black boys, I believe he understands best the need for reform with the way our police department handles our young men. As a former police officer, he is aware of the gun violence that plagues our inner city and I believe he is sincere in his desire to eliminate it.
I chose Maya Wiley as second because our youth believe in her. My sons (and other members of Crew Count) have interviewed her and spoken to her extensively (and the other candidates as well) about their concerns, their suggestions for solutions, and the ways in which we can work collaboratively to make real change. They experienced her on a level that I couldn’t, and the best way for our youth’s voices to be heard (especially those who aren’t old enough to vote) is to take their considerations seriously. She has my 16 year-old’s vote, so she has mine.

City Council 36th District: Henry Butler, Chi Osse
Henry Butler has the experience our district needs. He has been working diligently on so many fronts, for so many years. He cares deeply about our community, and he knows how to get the job done. He is my number one choice because experience matters.

Chi Osse is a great guy and has been doing great work in the community without having been elected to a single office. I believe he has a heart for the people as well, and I have no doubt that he will do our district well if he were to be elected, even with his limited experience.

Comptroller: Zach Iscol, Kevin Parker
I chose Zach Iscol for the same reason I chose Maya Wiley. I did not know enough about his campaign on my own, but I trust our young people who have spoken with him on multiple occasions. They believe in him, so on the day of voting, I switched the order of my vote to include their voices.
Kevin Parker is a staple in our community and has been for years. His work speaks for itself, and although I didn’t rank him first, I do believe in him and his vision for our city.
Borough President: Robert Cornegy, Antonio Reynoso
There is no denying the work that Robert Cornegy has done in our community over the years, long before becoming an elected official. He represents the people of Brooklyn, has made MAJOR accomplishments in our “hood,” and is, quite frankly, the best person for this job.
Antonio Reynoso, I’m sure, is equally as strong is his district (I’m in 36, so I am not super knowledgeable about what happens in 34). I picked him second for the same reason I chose Maya Wiley and Zach Iscol, my youth believe in him. Rank choice voting has given us the opportunity to include our young people in our decisions, and I was happy to cast a vote for Mr. Reynoso on our youth’s behalf.