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Elections Matter: Candidates Submit Petitions for Fall Elections

By Mary Alice Miller

Walter Mosley and Olanike Alabi

Petitioning season is officially over. Pending a variety of general and specific challenges which will play out in court, voters now have a general idea of who is running in each district. Because of redistricting, voters may not be represented by their favorite elected official, especially in state senate districts. It is imperative for voters to contact their elected state representatives or the Board of Elections to find out who is their current state Senate and Assembly representative.
Senate Minority Leader John Sampson (D, WF) is being challenged by perennial petitioner Elias J. Weir (D). Large swaths of Sampson’s district in Brownsville and East Flatbush were cut out of the 19th Senate District during the redistricting process. Sampson now represents major portions of convicted former state Senator Carl Kruger’s district, including Mill Basin and Gerritseon Beach. Sampson also represents African-American/ African-Caribbean and ethnic white areas covered by the Thomas Jefferson Democratic Club in Canarsie.

State Senator Eric Adams (D, WF) is being challenged by perennial petitioner Guillermo E. Philpotts (D) in the 20th Senate District.

Kevin S. Parker (D, WF) has a new district which concentrates the African-American/African-Caribbean vote. Large areas of Orthodox Jewish voters who were formerly in his district are now in the new “Super Jewish” district currently represented by state Senator Storobin. Parker is uncontested on the Democratic line in the 21st Senate District, Velmanette Montgomery (D, WF) is uncontested in the 25th, and Bill Perkins (D, WP) is uncontested in the 30th. Ruth H. Thompson (36th SD) is running uncontested on the WF line.

Adriano Espaillat (D), who narrowly lost to Congressman Charles Rangel in a close primary, is being challenged on the Democratic line by Guillermo Linares and Mark Levine in the 31st District. Ruben Diaz (32nd SD) is being challenged on the Democratic line by Kafahni Nkrumah.

First-termer Gustavo Rivera (D, WP), who defeated convicted former State Senator Pedro Espada in the 33rd Senate District, is being challenged by Manuel Tavarez on the Democratic line.

The Assembly has several must-watch races.

Rodneyse Bichotte, who in a bold move knocked longtime Female District Leader Mary Hobson off the ballot two years ago, is challenging longtime Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs (42nd AD) on the Democratic line. Jacobs, uncontested on the WF line, is also being challenged by Zachary Lareche.

Karim Camara (43rd AD) and Joan Millman (52nd AD) are uncontested on the Democratic and Working Families line. Vito Lopez (53rd AD) is uncontested on the Democratic line.

First-termer Raphael Espinal (54th AD), who won a special election to take NYS Housing Commissioner Darryl Towns’ former Assembly seat, is being challenged by Juan Rodriguez on the Democratic line.

Assemblyman William Boyland, Jr. (55th AD) is being challenged by Chair of Community Board #5 Nathan Bradley, Anthony (Basheer) Jones, Christopher Durosinmi, Bilal Malik, Dion Turner, (Uncle) Roy Antoine, Anthony (Tony) Herbert and David Miller on the Democratic Party line. With 8 challengers to split the anti-incumbent vote, there is a possibility that Boyland may retain his seat. The front-runner of the challengers is Tony Herbert due to his name recognition on antiviolence issues.

Assemblywoman Annette Robinson (56th AD) is uncontested.

Male District Leader Walter Mosley, Female District Leader Olanike Alabi and former NYC Dept. of Education Parent (Commissioner) Martine Guerrier are running for the seat to be vacated by Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries (57th AD), Democratic candidate for the 8th Congressional seat.

58th AD Assemblyman N. Nick Perry (D, WF) is being challenged by Terry Hinds, Chair of Community Board #17. 60th AD Assemblywoman Inez Barron (D, WF) is being challenged by Christopher Banks on the Democratic line.

There are some notable State Committee (District Leader, Male and Female) races.

Jesse Hamilton (43rd AD), Chris Owens (52nd AD), Vito Lopez (53rd AD) and Walter Mosley (57th AD) are running unchallenged. District Leader Lincoln Restler is being challenged by Christopher Olechowski. Erik Martin Dilan (54th AD) is being challenged by Cyril Joseph. William Boyland, Jr. (55th AD) is being challenged by Wesley Hope, Bilal Malik, Daniel Goodine, Leonard Hatter, Anthony Herbert and David Miller IV. Robert Cornegy II (56th AD) is being challenged by Albert Wiltshire, longtime staffer to Rep. Ed Towns. Former Brooklyn Election Commissioner Weyman Carey is being challenged for a second time by Cory Provost. Earl Williams (60th AD) is being challenged by Councilman Charles Barron and Kenny McLemore.

Rodneyse Bichotte (42nd AD) is being challenged by Mary Hobson and Irene Labissiere. Shirley Patterson (43rd AD) is uncontested. Jo Anne Simon (52nd AD) is being challenged by Debra Scotto and Marion Lipshutz. Darlene Mealy (55th AD) is being challenged by Maryam Sadam, Hazel Ingram and Yasine Ruffin. Annette Robinson (56th AD) is uncontested. Faryce Moore, Renee Collymore and Wendy Washington are running for the 57th AD seat being vacated by Olanike Alabi. Melba Brown (58th AD) is being challenged by Pamela Garcia. Inez Barron (60th AD) is being challenged by Nikki Lucas and former Assemblywoman Diane Gordon.

Judge Wavny Toussaint is uncontested in the 5th Municipal Court District. Lara Genovesi and Richard Montellone are running for Civil Court Judge in the 1st Municipal Court District. Craig Walker and Robin Garson are running on the Democratic line for Civil Court Judge, Kings County.

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