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Educators Respond to China's Ascendence and State of NYC Schools

Commenting on the reports of China’s dominance in world education and New York State rankings that place the New York City schools at the bottom of all categories, educator Michael Hooper, chairman of Roots Revisited, said “We don’t have a Department of Education, we have a Board of ‘mis-education’ that not only undermines the students, but prepares them for nothingness, for a life of havoc to be wrecked upon them by all manner of institutions.
“We have schools where Halloween is followed faithfully with posters and art but no attention is paid to the history of African liberation, even though studies have been made and laws passed, the multicultural programs that were to be taught have been ignored.
“Parental involvement is at an all-time low.  Many schools have sign has signs that say “No parents beyond this point.”  Hooper quotes South African student leader Steve Biko who said “The greatest weapon the oppressor has is the mind of the oppressed.”  Well, they’ve gotten our minds in a calculated and planned effort that is no different than academic homicide.  The sad part is that we as a people buy into it.”
Educator activist Jitu Weusi noted that “the Chinese have the most dynamic society in the world today and it should be no surprise that that dynamism extends to their schools.”
Weusi says that what we have today is a mayor who shuts down schools and hires a non-educator to run what’s left.    “Michael Bloomberg is in charge of the schools and he’s busy shutting them down.  How does that solve anything?  Bloomberg should be recalled and shown the door.”
The recent compromise giving tax cuts for the wealthy play a part here also says Weusi.  “Tax cuts for the wealthy are ridiculous when we’re looking at this kind of situation.  The wealthy class we have today just want more and they sit on the money and it is stagnating the nation.  “Charles Barron and Warren Buffet said it best, until the people with money get off of it and let it trickle down, we as a nation are going to be up the creek.”
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