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By  Stanley Kinard

An African ancestral force called Egun has been awakened in this city.  This force is far more powerful than the White Supremist forces that have dominated this city since its inception.  Sonny Carson was the wrong ancestor for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn to mess with.  Mr. Carson is now larger in death than he was in life, thanks to Ms. Quinn. Our community has been mobilized in a way that it has not been in quite some time.  Long live the spirit of Sonny Carson.
It was also not a coincidence that Attorneys Michael and Evelyn Warren were brutally attacked and arrested by the police.  They too were chosen by the ancestors (Egun) because they were the persons most capable to defend our community against the brutality of the NYPD during this critical period.  At the point that Mrs. Warren was being arrested, the daughter of activist, ancestor Allyiah Abdul Karim witnessed the incident and alerted the community at large, which immediately mobilized itself and converged on the 77th precinct.  A memorial service for Sis. Allyiah was held at the Lab this past Saturday and Attorney Warren (Tauriq) spoke about this spiritual dimension to the incident. 
 The Ancestors were all around the 32 Bushwick students that were arrested while on their way to the funeral of their now ancestor friend, Donnell McFarland.  This violation of our right to mourn our deceased is not being tolerated.  This is why young students are outraged and have organized to fight against police profiling.  This case is now beginning to get positive major press as reported in this past week’s New York Times with a feature story in the Sunday Metro Section and an editorial of Wednesday.  The editorial by Bob Herbert gave witness testimony of persons who saw the police action and refuted that the kids did anything wrong.  Mr. Herbert went on to state “I believe that an outlandish miscarriage of justice has occurred here, that the youngsters did nothing wrong and that the police’s version of events is wrong.  Commissioner Kelly could clear the matter up once and for all by mounting an honest investigation to determine what really happened.”  Not only could Kelly clear up this matter but so could District Attorney Hynes by throwing out these bogus charges.
 As Egun awakens in New York, our people appear to be listening and are finally coming together in an unprecedented way.  This is the African tradition, to put Egun first and be led by the spirit of our Ancestors.  We must give thanks to the spirit of Abubadika Sonny Caron, Allyiah Abdul Karim and Donnell McFarland and continue to acknowledge them in our prayers.  We must also acknowledge in our prayers the spirit of Sean Bell, Amadu Diallo and Randolph Evans all unjustly murdered by the police.
 It is now time to link all of the police brutality and racial injustice acts being directed towards our community.  Our Ancestors are directing us to fight white supremacy in the schools, courts, legislative bodies and the streets. 
 We must remember Speaker Quinn denying the BedStuy Community the right to name our street after our hero.  If the 25 Blacks and Latino City Council Members had elected Al Vann or Charles Barron as Speaker, Quinn would not have the power to stop the Sonny Carson renaming.  Hopefully we do better the next political season as we move towards empowering the Black Community.
 Should we determine the next Mayor of New York City, then we can have input in selecting the next School Chancellor and the next Police Commissioner, both mayoral appointees.
We now have the opportunity to elect Councilman Charles Barron as the first black Borough President in Brooklyn, as he recently announced that he is running for the position.  We must support him as never before as they attempt to discredit him and other prominent leaders of our community, like Sister Viola Plummer. Currently Diana Johnson is running for surrogate court judge and she too needs our support as the county organization has entered another black woman in the race in an effort to divide the black vote.
 It is important that we pay homage to the ancestors on a daily basis, for it is they who are giving direction and focus to our movement at this time.  Again, we must heed the call of our Ancestors by elevating our consciousness, fighting injustice everywhere and empowering ourselves.  In heeding the call of our Ancestors, it is important whether Muslim, Christian, or Yoruba that we begin to study and broaden our understanding of Egun, for it is the power that will unite us.
 In the meantime, in the spirit of Sonny Carson, we say, No Justice, No Peace!

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