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Early Scholars Program to come to Boys and Girls HS

Freshmen students from throughout the city are welcome to apply for the Early Scholars Program, a partnership between Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus (L.I.U.) and Boys and Girls High School (BGHS) where students will have dual enrollment at both schools.  Under this initiative, Boys and Girls HS students will be engaged in high school and college life simultaneously.  Students will attend weekend classes at L.I.U. Eventually, they will take college courses free of charge taught by the faculty of L.I.U.  In addition to the students earning a New York State Advanced Regents Diploma, they are expected to earn at least 20 college credits – some may be able to earn an Associate Degree.  These students will then only need to complete two additional years of college to obtain their Bachelor’s Degree. This program will provide a tremendous decrease in the amount of money that these students will have to pay for college. BGHS students will take classes at L.I.U. on Saturdays, and have ongoing access to the beautiful  campus, including their library and athletic facilities.

According to Bernard Gassaway :“I am overjoyed at the opportunity that this program provides for our students, and I look forward to a meaningful relationship between  the faculties of L.I.U. and BGHS. This project is in keeping with the mission of Boys and Girls HS to prepare students for life after high school.  This is the first of many new initiatives that is part of  our strategic plan to increase the learning options for all of our students.”
Provost Gale Stevens Haynes states,” We are looking for candidates with academic potential as evidenced by recommendations from their teachers, counselors and through interviews with students and their parents. We believe this program will create intellectual communities among students, parents and educators. We are very excited about this partnership.”
State Senator Velmanette Montgomery deserves praise in her role in securing funds to support Early College Programs in her district. Regent Dr. Lester Young, a longtime education champion, also deserves a special acknowledgment for his unwavering support for our learning communities. Both he and state Senator Montgomery are strong advocates for the Early Scholars College Program in communities of color.

BGHS is still recruiting for this program and is opening the process to all freshmen interested in attending our school in September. There are only 50 slots available at this time, and they will be considered on a first come-first serve basis. To obtain an application please contact the school at 718-467-1700, ext. 1210 or via e-mail at bgassaway@schools.nyc.gov.

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