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Donald Trump wins the presidency and America loses

Donald Trump wins the presidency and America loses

By David A. Love | November 9, 2016, via www.thegrio.com

The “silent majority” that we had been hearing so much about throughout Trump’s campaign spoke loudly on Election Day.

Trump is their guy — his vitriolic, offensive and racially inflammatory approach to the presidency be damned.

Exactly how it happened will be debated in the coming months and years. But two things are for certain: Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton badly and will become the next president of the United States. And Black America has some mighty difficult days ahead.

Now that a fascist and a white supremacist has seized the reins of power in America, we need not think too long and hard about what a Trump presidency will look like for Black America. We need not look any further than the man’s own words. He said he would “Make America Great Again,” which means “Make America Great Again, Like When it was White.”

The slogan emblazoned on the tacky baseball caps reminds us of a time when white folks reigned supreme and held all the cards and people of color were kept in their place.

Like Nixon, Trump ran a “law and order” campaign, which for communities of color generally means a draconian criminal justice policy — including a continuation of the war on drugs, mass incarceration and increased monitoring of the black community.


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Donald Trump wins the presidency and America loses

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