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Dick Gregory Speaks about Michael,the Trial and More

About Michael Jackson:
“I’ve known him for 30 years; he is childlike.  Not in a negative sense but really like a child. He is not a child molester.  A child molester does not openly say they are sleeping in the same bed with children.  They try to hide it.  As a male adult, he is talking about sleeping in the same bed with a male child.  Now, if he had said he slept in the bed with little white girls you can guess what would have happened. . .
About the case:
It is about money.  There is no way around that.  There was no credible evidence; there should not have even been a trial.  Michael Jackson is being set up because they want his ownership rights.  He has a 50% stake in Sony Music Publishing, copyrights to thousands of songs, including, the words and music to most of the Beatles tunes as well as a valuable catalog of his own work. He owns the Elvis catalog too, and found out that he had all of Little Richard’s music, which, by the way, Michael gave him back and made him very happy.  But what a lot of people don’t know is that Michael also controls a large percentage of all country and western music.  That is what this is all about, getting control of what he has.  It’s his nigger wake-up call.  You can’t get too powerful in this white supremacist system without a wake-up call . . .  Bill Cosby got his when he tried to buy NBC.
About the use of that word, “nigger?”
What I am doing is part of the ‘de-fanging’ of the word nigger.  I use “nigger,” and I’m not afraid to use it.  It’s not the “n-word.” Can you imagine allowing the word “swastika,” a symbol of hatred, Hitler, and the Nazis, to be called the “s-word”?
America since September 11th
The Patriot Act is an erosion of all of our civil liberties and has led to what Cornel West has called the “niggerization of America.”  It’s in his new book.  You ought to read it.  You can see it in the airports where even white women are made to walk barefoot going through the metal detector. The civil rights that we fought hard and long to benefit everybody, but the punitive laws we let them slip in affects everybody, too.  For instance, when they came out with the RICO Act in the 1970s it wasn’t for the Mafia although it affects them, it was for us, to suppress civil rights activists.  Where two or more people organize for rightful protest, the government can apply it.  And they do!
You marched with Dr. King.
What was he like?
I really had no idea how much vision he had, nobody did.  Martin saw far beyond what any of us saw.  Today, in Mississippi, you have the more Black-elected officials anywhere in the country, the chief of the state troopers is Black, and the head of social services is a Black woman. Today, in Mississippi, a white woman has to go by a Black woman to get a welfare check. Who could have seen that 30 years ago?  King did.  I think everybody owes King a debt of gratitude, including a whole lot of white women and even white men who many have benefited. This country needs to thank Martin for all he did to liberate white people as well as Black and all people.
After 50 years, they have exhumed the body of Emmett Till and reopened the case. Till was brutally tortured and shot as a young boy visiting in Mississippi in 1955,  Your thoughts?
His mother did a very different thing by insisting that his casket be kept open. It took a lot of love and a lot of courage.  Prior to that, a horrible lynching like that was kept as a private thing.  But once that photo of Emmett Till’s body hit Jet Magazine and AP, the whole world saw it.  With new DNA technology, we can learn more and maybe find out who else was involved. There is still no antilynching law in America to this very day.
As you see it, what are Black people
up against today?
It has always been the same thing: white supremacy, by that I mean a “white racist mentality.”  It does not matter if it’s Black cops or white cops – what difference does it make — if you have a white racist mentality?  It’s not about white people, it is about a white racist mentality.  As long as that sick, white racist mentality exists, it’s the same fight.  But today, the states are paying through the nose for police brutality and discrimination cases.  That is what is different today.  Each year, the states, including New York, are paying millions of dollars in settlements and damages.  We have got to keep fighting not with hatred, but with the universal God-force. We have got to keep using the divine power we each have been given, which is Love.

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