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Concord Baptist and RIP Medical Debt Erase Over $4 Million in Bills for Brooklyn and Newark Families

The Concord Baptist Christfund, established by The Concord Baptist Church of Christ (Brooklyn, NY) in 1988 as a Black faith-powered endowment to uplift Brooklyn and invest in worthy social causes throughout the world, has partnered with RIP Medical Debt to erase more than $4 million in medical debt for over 4,500 people in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ. Forgiveness notices are going out to the families benefiting from this effort – all recipients can expect to receive a yellow, RIP Medical Debt branded envelope in the mail next week. Relieving debt-burdened families enables them to repair their credit and access opportunities and resources previously denied to them because of credit history.
“We believe this justice investment will go a long way in relieving some of the debt-burden experienced by families who are unable to bear the high costs of health care,” said the Rev. Dr. Gary V. Simpson, Leading Pastor of The Concord Baptist Church of Christ.”
The Concord Baptist Christfund’s investment of $35,000 enabled RIP Medical Debt, a national organization, to locate, purchase, and eradicate over $4 million worth of oppressive medical debt averaging $1639.27 per recipient in Brooklyn, NY, and $719.78 per recipient in Essex County, NJ.
“What should be crystal-clear to all during this global COVID-19 pandemic is that healthcare cannot be a luxury for the rich; it is a human right,” Simpson went on to say. “We see this contribution as a Justice Investment. That millions of people are burdened by medical debt in the same country where corporate CEOs earned $25 billion in profits during this pandemic is a blistering indictment on the whole country. We are observing physical distancing, but the church of Jesus Christ is never closed, and the mandate to do justice and love mercy – to declare Jubilee – is a way to walk humbly with our Creator during a pandemic.”
RIP purchases qualifying medical debts in bundled portfolios at a fraction of their face value, so one donated dollar can abolish $100 of medical debt. Abolishment is random, and unfortunately at this time one cannot request medical debt relief.

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