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Coaches Corner

(photos by Nathaniel Adams)

Girls Varsity Basketball 12/12/2016

Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus – 31

Paul Robeson Campus High School – 63

Harry Van Arsdale Head Coach Johnathan Beckman:


“We came out to a good start to the game. They tried to throw a punch at us right away, we took the lead by 6 and they caught up to us by the half. We knew they were going to come out firing and we didn’t respond, they came out throwing haymakers, we just couldn’t respond.”

Paul Robeson Volunteer Assistant Phinnigan Edwards: “The game was kind of sloppy at first. We just


came back from Washington, DC playing a tournament Saturday and Sunday, so I think the girls’ legs were weak. But I think we finished up strong. I love our defense, our team is built around defense. I think they did their job on defense. Good defense, shooting skills and being able to keep the ball in play kept the team from losing the game.”