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Black’s “Slip” at Meeting is Slap Across the Face of Millions — Every Student in NYC Public Schools and Their Parents

For the Sake of the Children, Cathie Black Must Go

The latest Freudian juxtapositions of school’s Chancellor Cathie Black — on the even of Martin Luther King Jr. anniversary celebrations –were “more fuel for the fire” in the growing effort to oust Ms. Black from her position, said Councilman Charles Barron in a press conference held  this past Tuesday, outside the Tweed Building, home of the Department of Education, and it’s chancellor, Cathie Black.
Attorney Roger Wareham and Freedom Party candidate for Attorney General, Ramon Jimenez, the legal team that challenged the appointment of Cathie Black as chancellor of New York City public schools, joined Barron in denouncing Chancellor Black.
Wareham said that the lawsuit they had brought in the context of a movement to stop Cathie Black as New York City Chancellor, had been rejected by an Albany court.  “We’ve been reviewing the judge’s decision, and find there are grounds for us to appeal, and we will be filing and pushing this as far as we can.”
Attorney Wareham said that the court decision “deferred to the expertise of the administrator”, in this case, Dr. David Steiner  Commissioner of the New York State Department of Education.  “We think Mr. Steiner’s opinion (to waive education requirements allowing Ms. Black to take the office) was arbitrary and capricious and that the statements made by Cathie Black subsequent to assuming office, are proof positive that she is unqualified, and we maintain that we are correct” in that assessment.  We will follow every means possible to stop this.”
The statements that Wareham is referring to were made at a Daily News editorial meeting.  “Overcrowding is throughout the entire school system.  My understanding is that someone told her ‘We just have class sizes that are unmanageable,’ and Black replied, ‘Well, can’t you just use birth control?'”    Barron said that people were stunned and gave a “nervous chuckle.”
“Not only did she offend people of color, but in her statement about Sophie’s Choice, she offended the Jewish community.  Sophie’s Choice was a film about a Jewish mother who had to determine which one of her children was going to be killed by the Nazis.”
Speaking of the meaning of Chancellor Black’s statements, Barron said,  “For her to bring up Sophie’s Choice when she’s talking about prioritizing spending in the school system and to bring up birth control when alking about oversized classes, was incredibly outrageous and incompetent, ignorant and unacceptable.   Afterwards, even some of the white parents said the were outraged and called it an insult.  She should have offered solutions.  And even now after she’s apologized and said ‘I was joking’,” and the mayor’s apologized, they still haven’t gotten any solutions.”
Barron called this latest blunder more fuel for the “Cathie Black Must Go, Movement,” saying   She’s a danger to the education of our children, and the Mayor should be ashamed of himself, on Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday celebration, to be supporting Cathie Black.”

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