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Beyoncé, Sanders and Trump: Challenging the Establishment

By David Mark Greaves

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders winning the New Hampshire primaries and Beyoncé’s “Formation” performance at the Super Bowl have this in common: they all point to changing times and the ruling establishment losing control of the national narrative. On the Republican’s side, they have the bilious Trump, the oily and neo-Fascist Sen. Ted. Cruz and have to pin their hopes on Sen. Marco Rubio, revealed as a robot in suit by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who went Tony Soprano on him at the New Hampshire debate and exposed his loop of programmed lines.
For the DemoBeyonceSandersTrumpcrats, they are watching a 74-year-old self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist Sen. Sanders, railing against Wall St. and the greed of the rich, going toe-to-toe with the deeply experienced and heavily funded, former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.
And then there is Beyoncé at Super Bowl 50, celebrating the Black Lives Matter Movement and the Black Panther Party’s 50th Anniversary with choreography, berets and a giant X. These are images that would have been unthinkable to present 50 years ago in a like venue, but that “break the Internet” today with the speed of their download into the national subconscious.
With any of the leading Republican candidates as the nominee the nation will hopefully be frightened into keeping a Democrat in the White House. (The second-place finish of Republican Gov. John Kasich in New Hampshire was a small sign of sanity that I don’t think will last.) However, if there is a clamor for Hillary Clinton’s speeches to Goldman Sachs to be released and something slips out, it is doubtful she says the assembled “Masters of the Universe” are pathologically greedy and deserve to be better taxed and aggressively regulated. If instead she tells them she can be trusted to understand the need for capital to grow and be flexible in the global marketplace, yadda, yadda, yadda, then Bernie Sanders will start to look like the Democrat’s nominee and the country will have a real either/or choice to make about the direction to go.
This brings us back to the cheering of Beyoncé’s very political performance as a hopeful sign of a changing national consciousness and maybe a nation that’s ready for a new day.

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