WHAT’S GOING ON By Victoria Horsford

PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP President elect Donald Trump will not take the USA in a new direction. He will veer of course towards a more Eurocentric course, much more sinister, more hawkish , much less diverse and inclusive, America’s greatest strength and asset.   He wants to eradicate if not erode the Obama legacy, something easier […]Read More

What’s Going On By Victoria Horsford

THE 2016 ELECTIONS If my polling site in Central Harlem exemplified the Black voter turnout across America, then tomorrow will be less dystopian than it was this morning. Psychologists talk about a disease afflicting America known as “election stress”. Both print and electronic mainstream and African-American political pundits, by their own admission, have been consistently […]Read More

What’s Going On by Victoria Horsford

By Victoria Horsford 2016: U.S. ELECTION SEASON Earlier, I observed that it was media’s imperative to destroy the ogre that it created named Donald Trump, the GOP candidate for the United States presidency. What I failed to realize was that media had already started plotting his demise. For two successive weeks, 60 MINUTES covered segments […]Read More

What’s Going On By Victoria Horsford

2016/US PRESIDENCY     November 8, 2016 will go down as an important date in American history. To Be Or Not To Be! Will America elect its first woman president, Hillary Clinton, who will work towards that more perfect union or will America elect Donald Trump, who promised to make America great again. Will he invoke […]Read More

WGO by Victoria Horsford

ELECTIONS 2016  Three down and one to go. Tuesday, September 13 was New Yorkers third outing to the polls this year and we are suffering from voter fatigue. The 2016 voter turnout in New York hit record lows. Hopefully, our interest was revived and we voted for some good progressive Democrats and African-Americans, whose numbers […]Read More