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Doctors, Community Advocates Brainstorm on Increasing Awareness of Community Health

Healthy Marketing at the Heart of the Matter … Series of Health Symposiums Set to begin January 2018 Last Saturday, six medical doctors – with a combined 150 years of training, practice and research – dialogued with neighborhood advocates and leaders about strategies to get information to the community, and involve their participation in information-gathering […]Read More

“The Old Settler” Weaves Together Sisterhood, Love and Race in

Review John Henry Redwood’s “The Old Settler” is currently performing to SRO audiences at The Billie Holiday Theatre at Restoration Plaza, thanks to director Michelle Shay’s clever mounting and the play’s star performances. Without giving too much of the plot away, playgoers are leaving the theatre with a greater appreciation for the value of love […]Read More

When the Maasai Comes to Town

The culturally historical neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant got a taste of southern Kenya as the world-renowned Friends of Sironka Dance Troupe graced Bailey’s Café last Friday. In conjunction with, and sponsored by the Bedford-Stuyvesant Museum of African Art, the troupe put on a performance that was as memorable as it was entertaining, and entertaining it was. […]Read More

A Reflection of Reel Sister’s Film Festival Production, “And Call Her

Community members listened intently as Janie Green told her story of activism and resiliency in a film written by her daughter and Our Time Press Publisher Bernice Green entitled “And Call Her Blessed: A Portrait of Janie.” In listening to Janie Green speak in the film production at the Reel Sister’s Film Festival this past Sunday is to know that the information that you […]Read More

The Making of a President

By Priscilla Mensah Often, when we come across great leaders, whether it be through history textbooks, on the television or in our own lives, we wonder about their beginnings. One of the questions that we frequently want answered is, who taught them? Who is it that helped to shape, mold and inspire them into the […]Read More