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The Year of the Woman is in Full Effect at

In perfect timing for what is slated to be the “Year of the Woman,” Angela Hope Weusi graciously gathered African women delegates and interested community members alike in her restaurant business, “For My Sweet.” Attended by lawyers, professors and dignitaries, the purpose of the gathering was to network and shed much-needed light on pressing issues […]readmore

DOE Rep: It May Not Be Too Late to Support

While many schools have closed in various school districts across the nation under the familiar premise of low academic performance, there are other schools that close on a lesser known basis: under-enrollment. District’s 16’s Public School 25, also known as the Eubie Blake School, is one of the latest schools to be potentially impacted by […]readmore

Doctor Says Racism and Inequality Are Killing People in NYC

“Health clinics have been repeatedly downsized across “… one of the most unequal and segregated cities – New York City.”     Dr. Torian Easterling While the 24-hour news-cycle is consumed with the body politic, a “State of the Health” address at Community Board 3’s recent public meeting focused on the health of our physical bodies – […]readmore

Dr. Chandra Warns: Don’t Flirt with the Flu This Year!

Dr. Prandeep Chandra warns Brooklynites not to flirt with the flu. The Chief Medical Officer at Brooklyn’s Interfaith Medical Center has seen firsthand the damage this year’s flu can do. It’s a strain that doesn’t care about your plans, obligations or deadlines; it’s coming soon to a home or workplace near you and it’s bringing […]readmore