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Environmental Groups Come Together to Urge Jeffries to Go Green

The line to enter the gymnasium of Long Island University’s campus in Downtown Brooklyn was long and winding, as constituents from across the 8th District arrived by the dozens to hear Congressman Hakeem Sekou Jeffries speak his vision and direction as part of his State of the District presentation. But while most people were standing […]readmore

Orwellian Doublespeak

One of my favorite novels of all time is the book 1984, a profound story about a bleakly dystopian society governed by propaganda, surveillance and censorship. The purpose of the book was to show the reader the horrible possibilities of totalitarianism through the eyes of Winston Smith, a man who is problematic because of his […]readmore

Southern U’s Move on CBD Market Is Good Sense

By Marlon Rice Last week, the largest historically Black university in Louisiana, Southern University, launched its own CBD line. It’s called Alafia, from the Yoruba word that means “inner peace.” This is a monumental feat on many levels, but in order for you to understand this, I think we need to start at the beginning. […]readmore

Who Taught You Cancel Culture?

I usually get on social media around 9am every morning, after waking up, working out and taking a shower. This past Thursday morning, I logged onto Facebook at 9am and my timeline was already filled with memes and insults being hurled towards Gayle King. Some people were defending her, others were attacking her, but virtually […]readmore

A Father and His Daughter

What hurts the most are all of the pictures of them together. The thing that strikes a nerve with me every time is the way he looks at her, the way that she looks at him. It bothers me because I know that look too well. I had just come from a run. I took […]readmore

Have You Ever Been to The Brooklyn Bank?

Jude Bernard’s Brooklyn Bank provides community space for wealth building discussions, and community events. Photo: Marlon Rice Eleven years ago I worked with a woman named Deborah Wright with a restaurant that she had opened in Clinton Hill, The Speakeasy. My title was Brand Consultant, but I spent most of my time at the bar […]readmore

Tip Top Bar and Grill: A Community Legacy

There was a time in Brooklyn when the best hangout spots weren’t adorned with flat-screen televisions or bordered by sidewalk seating, where the most popular menu items weren’t bourbon chicken wraps or the spinach artichoke dip. When young adults in the late 60’s and early 70’s wanted to have a drink or shoot some pool, […]readmore

What’s Missing?

Thinker’s Notebook By Marlon Rice Our conversation went something like this:  Me: I’m going to use RFID technology to track my children. Him: You mean, the mark of the beast? Me: No, I mean RFID technology. Him: Like a chip inserted into them? Me: No. More like GPS tags attached to their clothing and bookbag. Him: You don’t think that’s a bit much? Me: […]readmore